03/11/2019- Safety

Urgent Safety Reminder from the BF Safety Committee

There has recently been another hand injury to a fencer competing at sabre and not wearing a CEN level 2 (800N) sabre glove.

It is a BF safety requirement that FIE CEN2/800N sabre gloves are to be used at all times when you are fencing sabre, whether participating in club or competition (unless both fencers are using size 3 or size 0 blades).

It is for a very good reason that use of these gloves has been made compulsory. Since the stiffer sabre blades were introduced in the early 2000s there had been a number of wounds to the hand and it was because of this that the 800N gloves were introduced.

It is the responsibility of all in fencing to make sure that the sport is practiced in a safe manner. Athletes, coaches, club officials, referees and competition organisers all have a duty to ensure that the safety rules are followed. This responsibility cannot be absolved – for example fencers cannot just agree between themselves that it is acceptable to fence with equipment that does not meet the minimum standards.

In accordance with the rules of the sport, for competitions (including inter club/league eg BUCS) any sabre fencer coming on the piste with a non-compliant glove receives a yellow card and is required to change it. Exemptions to the rules are not acceptable when it comes to matters of safety.


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