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British team for Plovdiv 2014

The Cadet and Junior World Championships will be in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 3rd-12th April later this year and British Fencing is pleased to announce the GB squads that will be taking part.

Fencers listed in alphabetical order by surname.


Men’s Epee

Charlie Dean (Truro Fencing Club)

Owen Jordan (Frisby Fencers)

Aml Sinclair (Brixton Fencing Club)

Non-travelling reserve: Benjamin Schneider (Abingdon Fencing Club)

Women’s Epee

Lydia Stanier (Fechtclub Furth)

Alix Turley  (RGS Worcester)

Medora McCathy (Cardinal Fencing Club)

Non-travelling reserve: Elsa Philipson (CADS)

Men’s Foil

Harry Bird (Salle Boston)

Kamal Minnot (Newham Swords)

Daniel Kiss  (Salle Kiss)

Non-travelling reserve: John Feaster (Malvern Hills Sword Fencing)

Women’s Foil

Yasmin Campbell (Fighting Fit Fencing Club)

Jade Clarke (Wellington Swords)

Emma Kurtis (Hymers College)

Non-travelling reserve: Isabella Dmochowska (Fighting Fit Fencing Club)

Men’s Sabre

Will Deary (Truro Fencing Club)

Joshua Maxwell  (Truro Fencing Club)

Fraser Woodburn (Truro Fencing Club)

Non-travelling reserve: Eden Amsalem (Camden Fencing Club)

Women’s Sabre

Laura Gladdish (MX Fencing Club)

Caitlin Maxwell (Truro Fencing Club)

Isabel Turnbull (MX Fencing Club)

Non-travelling reserve: Maria Chart (Truro Fencing Club)


Linda Strachan – Chef de Mission

Maggie Maynard – Team Manager

Kenichi Yamamoto – Epee Coach

Pierre Harper – Foil Coach

Chris Buxton – Sabre Coach


Men’s Epee

Nick Beaumont (King’s Recreational Fencing Club)

Philip Marsh (Club Levallois)

Paul Sanchez-Lethem (Brixton Fencing Club)

Tomas Curran-Jones (Brixton Fencing Club) – Individual reserve and team member

Women’s Epee

Amy Radford (Malvern Hills Sword Fencing)

Men’s Foil

Kristjan Archer (Newham Swords) – awaiting confirmation from fencer

James Brosnan (Salle Paul) – awaiting confirmation from fencer

George Hendrie (Chichester Fencing Club)

Daniel Kiss (Salle Kiss) – Individual reserve and team member

Women’s Foil

Yvonne Chart (Truro Fencing Club)

Chloe Dickson (Edinburgh Fencing Club)

Ayesha Fihosy (Salle Boston)

Jade Clarke (Wellington Swords) – Individual reserve and team member

Men’s Sabre

Jonathan Webb (Camden Fencing Club)

Women’s Sabre

Aliya Itzkowitz (Camden Fencing Club)

Kate Daykin (Salle Ossian)


Joanna Cook – Chef de Mission

Pat Aiyenuro – Team Manager

Neale Thomas – Epee Coach

Maciej Wojtkowiak – Foil Coach

Ian Williams – Sabre Coach

Speaking about the selections, Joanna Cook, British Fencing’s Head of Pathway Development said; “Every member of this team has proved themselves capable of meeting the minimum standards that we set to qualify for the World Championships.  We have the small matter of the European Championships to contend with in a few weeks but after that all of our focus will be on maximizing the performance at the Worlds.”

View the official Championship website here.

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