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Confirmation of Cadet Ranking & Selection Policy and calendar of events

British Fencing is pleased to confirm the Cadet ranking and selection scheme for 2015-16 along with the calendar of ranking events.  This season also sees the formation of the new International Cadet Management Group, led by Clare Halsted, which will oversee the international cadet programme.

This update is aimed at fencers who are trying to qualify to fence for Great Britain at the 2016 Cadet European and Cadet World Championships, their parents and their coaches.

After a lengthy consultation process, British Fencing has made some minor changes, specifically to the qualification standards required for selection to major championships.  Further details for the scheme can be found at the following link:

–        Cadet Ranking & Selection Scheme 2015-16

These changes have been made to ensure that all six weapon categories are treated fairly and equally so that fencers in one category are not hampered by factors outside of their control (e.g. lack of a home European Fencing Confederation (EFC) event in their calendar).  In addition to that the consultation panel were keen to ensure that no fencer was exposed to major championships too early in their development – as has happened in the past.

We have confirmed all our details as soon as possible after the EFC produced its final calendar (on 11th May) and the organisers of domestic ranking events confirmed their dates.  Once this information had been received we required final sign-off from the International Cadet Management Group.

Links to the calendar of ranking events follow:

–        Nominated Cadet Epee events

–        Nominated Cadet Foil events

–        Nominated Cadet Sabre events

For further information or if you have any queries please contact Clare Halsted.

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