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UPDATE – 18th December

Survey Results

British Fencing went out to the membership to find out their opinion of what they want to see at the 2015 Beazley British Championships. The full results from the survey can be found here.

The data was analysed initially with all responses, then with those people who said they did not intend to compete at the 2015 event removed from the analysis, and finally with only those who said yes, they definitely intended to compete included in the analysis (no’s and maybe’s removed). Please see the table below for the differences in results between each of these groups.



All responses

No to competing removed

No and Maybe to competing removed

Would you be more likely to attend the British Championships if they were held in the following locations:


London – 103

Sheffield – 113

I don’t mind – 62

London – 82

Sheffield – 93

I don’t mind – 50

London – 39

Sheffield – 56

I don’t mind – 35

Given the choice of a finals hall setup (4 coloured pistes and finals piste), or more pistes (allowing for higher entry numbers), which would you prefer?


Finals hall – 77

More pistes – 169

I don’t mind – 32

Finals hall – 59

More pistes – 136

I don’t mind – 30

Finals hall – 34

More pistes – 77

I don’t mind – 19

There are currently two possible formats being considered for the British Championships weekend – which of the following formats would you prefer to see from the 2015 British Championships:


Sat 6W, Sun team – 122

Sat 3W, Sun 3W – 114

I don’t mind – 42

Sat 6W, Sun team – 103

Sat 3W, Sun 3W – 84

I don’t mind – 38

Sat 6W, Sun team – 61

Sat 3W, Sun 3W – 45

I don’t mind – 24

If there is a team event on the same weekend as the individual events, how likely would it be that you would enter the team event?


1. Highly likely – 77

2 – 41

3 – 69

4 – 34

5. Very Unlikely – 57

1. Highly likely – 69

2 – 35

3 – 57

4 – 27

5. Very Unlikely – 37

1. Highly likely – 49

2 – 18

3 – 29

4 – 12

5. Very Unlikely – 22

Would you prefer the entry fee to increase marginally but be guaranteed referees throughout the competition, or the entry fee to stay the same but there be the possibility of some self-refereeing in the earlier stages of the competition?


Increased entry fee and more refs – 168

No increase and some self reffing – 89

I don’t mind – 21

Increased entry fee and more refs – 130

No increase and some self reffing – 77

I don’t mind – 18

Increased entry fee and more refs – 73

No increase and some self reffing – 46

I don’t mind – 11


A detailed comparison of the 2 venues was undertaken, including an analysis of the survey plus the following factors:

–       venue hire cost

–       number of pistes

–       space to include the BDFA National Championships

–       local stakeholders

–       finals setup

–       possible formats based on number of pistes

–       plenary space

–       hotel costs

–       officials/volunteers catering

–       officials travel costs/expenses


As a result of the analysis the recommendation from the BF Events Manager, endorsed by the CEO and BF board, is that Sheffield is selected as the location for the 2015 National Championships.

Entry Fees

The survey tells us that a significant number of members would prefer entry fees to increase to allow for poules to have referees. The proposal is to increase the entry fee to £50 per individual, but maintained at £75 per team (plus contribution from BDFA).

Proposed Format

6 individual events plus wheelchair fencing on Saturday, and 6 team events plus wheelchair fencing on Sunday.

Individual event format – 1 round of poules with cut before DE – with firm aim of no self-refereeing (see below).

Plate competition for those eliminated – self refereed and once pistes become available with prize for winner in each weapon (so people are aware it may not start immediately after they are eliminated)

Entry limits

112 in men’s events and 84 in women’s events, with waiting lists in operation – top 50 guaranteed entry if entered by closing date – people on waiting list would have their place in the competition confirmed on the closing date based on total entry numbers (2 weeks before competition). Some flexibility if certain weapons come in at less.


Obviously allowing more fencers would mean needing more referees – the extra income (and knowing far enough in advance) would mean we could pay to bring in some international refs to make up numbers. We would aim for the event to be completely refereed, and if this was not going to be the case we would give people advance warning.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Katie Rhodes.

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