21/06/2017- Latest News

The BF Board has approved the 2017-18 GBR Junior Selection Policy.

The Policy is accompanied by a new GBR Selection Appeals Process and a new GBR Discretionary Selection Form to be used by athletes wishing to set out mitigating or discretionary factors to be considered by Selectors.  

The main changes to the Selection Policy can be summarised as follows:

  • Reduction in number of discretionary places for Junior World Cups top, from top 2/3 in rankings guaranteed to top 6 in rankings (out of 9).
  • Reduction in qualifying standards, from 20/25 points, now 15/20 points (European Championships / World Championships)
  • New description of discretionary principles for individual and team (previously none listed)

The overall intention is to reduce discretion and to provide more opportunity across the 6 weapons for young fencers to qualify for major Championships, whilst still retaining a minimum performance standard.

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