09/09/2021- Governance Notices


In advance of the AGM, members are invited to vote by proxy on a Change of Articles to allow virtual and hybrid General Meetings. The vote will be part of an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held as a closed meeting on Thursday 23rd September at 5pm.  

Dear Member,

On behalf of the Board of British Fencing, please find enclosed notice of an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of British Fencing.

The purpose of this EGM is to invite the membership to vote on an amendment to BF’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. The current BF Memorandum & Articles only allow for the holding of in-person (physical) general meetings. Following the declaration of the global pandemic in March 2020 government legislation was enacted to allow the holding of virtual or hybrid general meetings irrespective of the provisions in a company’s articles. BF held a virtual AGM on 10 October 2020 under these provisions. The provisions in the legislation expired on 31 March 2021. BF plans to hold the next AGM later in the autumn of this year as a virtual or hybrid meeting. Changes to the Articles of Association are proposed to allow for the holding of virtual and hybrid as well as in-person general meetings.

The new provisions will increase accessibility for members to attend future general meetings of BF and therefore will serve to facilitate greater member engagement in these meetings.

Our preference had been to welcome members in person to the EGM. However, at present, it is not prudent for the meeting to take place in person. We are therefore proposing to hold the EGM at BF’s offices on Thursday 23rd September at 5pm with the minimum attendance required to form a quorum. Pursuant to Article 25, only one individual is required to form a quorum and that individual will be the Chair of the Board.

Members will not be permitted to attend the EGM in person but can be represented by the Chair of the Meeting acting as their proxy. We therefore encourage all members complete and return a proxy form (by 5pm 21st September 2021) appointing me, as the Chair of the Board, as their proxy.

The Board encourages you to vote in favour of the proposed special resolution as all the Directors intend to do.

Best wishes

Mark Lyttle


Voting will be by Proxy only. Members wishing to vote at the EGM must register online here.

BF EGM Formal Notice including Article Amendments
Proxy Form



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