14/11/2023- ADP Update


A new Epee working group has been formed to give direction and support to Epee development in the ADP, with identified ADP coaches given specific additional responsibilities.

In 2023-24, the ADP Epee programme will be overseen by the Athlete Development Team in conjunction with a new Epee working group.

This working group, working with Epee Lead Ian Lichfield, will take over some of the responsibilities previously assigned to a specific single-appointed Weapon Lead.

Consisting of experienced ADP coaches and staff, the working group will be responsible, under the Board-approved Weapon Strategy, for, :

  • Giving direction and support to the future development of the weapon from Cadet through to Senior level.
  • Providing leadership and guidance in the development of the ADP programme, shaping the deliverables across camps, competitions and other athlete development opportunities (including online education).
  • Setting and improving standards at ADP camps and competitions.
  • Advising on relevant BF Policy development.
  • Supporting delivery of funding body requirements (UK Sport Progression and Sport England Talent).

A full terms of reference can be found here.

Subject matter experts may be appointed to work across the weapon working groups depending on identified need.

The Epee working group includes:


    • Lindsay Bottoms
    • Bence Juhazs
    • Ian Lichfield
    • Oana Puiu (TBC)
    • Pavel Rynes

Board Director: (TBC)

Facilitator: Steve Kemp


In addition to the working group role, the following coaches will be supporting the delivery work of the ADP as follows:

  • Oana Puiu – Coaching Senior and Junior Teams at World Cups.
  • Bence Juhazs – Coaching Junior Men’s and Women’s Epee Teams at World Cups.
  • Lindsay Bottoms – Lead Epee Selectors.

Information about the Foil Working Group can be found here.

Note: the make-up of the working group will be reviewed each season. If you are an ADP coach interested in joining the working group, please read the Terms of Reference and then contact [email protected].


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