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Sport England Publish Promising News About Fencing Growth

Today Sport England announced the results of its Active People Survey 9 Quarter 2 results here.

This shows an increase in the number of people in England participating for at least 30 minutes of at least moderate intensity, at least once a week, in Fencing* – from just over 19,400 (APS Q2 Apr 13 – Apr 14) to 22,000. 

British Fencing CEO, Georgina Usher, said today; “These results are a well-earned testament to the dedicated community of coaches and clubs who are working hard to provide opportunities for more young people to experience our sport. The figures are also encouraging for our new growth strategy, based firmly upon our much deeper understanding and insight into the attitudes and behaviours of fencers, and about what attracts people to fencing.”

Over and above the swords and the social aspect, the British Fencing insight work shows that the skill and strategy element of fencing attracts a high number of young male gamers, whilst at the same time it appeals to a significant number of creative young people, influenced by films, who see fencing as a highly individual form of self-expression.

Fencing provides a compelling alternative for many inactive young people who don’t see themselves as sporty and who are looking for an alternative to more mainstream sports. 

Gabby Williams, British Fencing’s Development Director, said; “Over the coming year we look forward to working together with our community fencing providers to offer attractive fencing experiences that retain these new fencers and continue to appeal to males and females from all ages and backgrounds”.

*The figures presented are designated Official Statistics.  A description of the Active People Survey can be found here.

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