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Following consultation and update to risk assessments, the December ADP Camp will be held online. Future camps and competitions are subject to ongoing review in light of current and expected changes to restrictions across the UK and abroad.

Over the last few weeks the BF team have been monitoring the changes in restrictions across the UK and the increasing levels of COVID infections. Following the most recent risk assessment, the December ADP Camp will now be moved online with associated reduction in time.

Online sessions will include anti-doping, social media/publicity, performance analysis, and mid-season reviews.

The ADP team are currently formulating the camp programme and further information will be sent to the fencers in due course.

Steve Kemp, Head of Pathway said “After all the hard work that has been put in by everyone involved in delivering training and supporting competition, the coaches, parents, referees, BF Staff and the athletes, it is incredibly frustrating for all to move to fully online in December.”

“With the increase in cases, we are aware that the the anxiety levels are increasing and there is always a level of pressure for the athletes to show commitment to the ADP and their development. We believe, that whilst many will be disappointed, this is the correct decision with the best interest of the athlete in the longer term.”

In addition to the moving the December ADP camp online, athletes (and parents) should be mindful that 2022 competition activity is currently under review in light of expected further government advice and changes in international travel restrictions.

What is certain is that no competition will be without risk and we would support the decision of any person – athlete, parents, coach, staff who does not feel comfortable in participating in competitions (domestically or internationally) at this time.

We wish all those involved within the ADP Programme a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The BF office will be closed from the 24th December until 3rd January 2022

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