03/12/2021- ADP Update


The Athlete Development Programme (ADP) announces the induction programme for the new cohort of athletes.

Following the conclusion of the application process, the ADP will be running an induction programme consisting of three Zoom sessions to introduce the  ADP, Team Members and some base principles of being involved.

Following these session fencers will attend the December Camp (Epee & Foil) Nottingham, Sabre (London).

SESSION  1 (November 27th)

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Welcome to the Athlete Development Programme 

  • ADP background
  • Where are you now in the process
  • Principles of BF athlete development
  • Opportunities arising from being on the Pathway
  • Q&A


Meet the Team 

  •  Overview of the core team and the roles within

Culture and Values Workshop

  • The cultures and values of the performance pathway and how these may affect both behaviour and performance
  • A behaviour framework for athletes on the pathway
  • The pressures and associated risks with being an elite athlete on a pathway
  • Creating inclusive training environments

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SESSION 2 (December 4th)

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Goal Setting 

  • Principles of goal setting ADP Background
  • Types of goals
  •  Performance profiling
  • Training Plans
  • Performance Standards
  • Q&A

Strength and Conditioning Toolkit

  • Introduction to athlete development
  • Demands of fencing
  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning

Wellbeing – True Athlete Project – Mindfulness

  • The True Athlete Project overview
  • Mood checker
  • Learning environments
  • Mindfulness practice

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SESSION 3 (December 11th)

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Performance Plans

  • What are performance plans
  • Types of performance plan


Performance Data Capture 

  • Why capture data
  • What data is being captures
  • How is it used

Strength & Conditioning Testing 

  • In-Line Lunge
  • 30-15 Intermittent Test
  • Repeat Sprint ability Test
  • 5-0-5 Change of direction Test

Camp – 28-30 December, Nottingham & London

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If you have any questions relating to this page, suggestions on what we could add or if you see any mistakes (!), please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.

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