28/11/2022- ADP Update

ADP International Foil Camp Paves Way for Preparation and Progress

Between the 21st and 25th November, fencers and their teams took part in the Athlete Development Programme (ADP) International Foil Camp at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre in London.

Photo: Siân Hughes Pollitt


GBR Foil Weapon Lead, Johnny Davis, said,

“We’re bringing together teams from Germany, Singapore, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Portugal and – of course – Great Britain to show that at ADP, we are focused on maximising the learning journey with our eyes always fixed on making gains.”

The training, organised by BF, was timed to coincide with preparation for the upcoming Senior Men’s Foil World Cup in Tokyo (9/10/11th December). The spirit of the camp was fuelled by a three-pronged purpose of ‘Preparation, Collaboration and Motivation’.

Johnny Davis explained,

“The culture of international fencing has collaboration at its very heart. Our ADP ambition is to roll out high-quality training camps, and we’re confident that this kind of regular interaction between athletes from here and abroad – as part of current and future planning – will yield us some all-round benefits.”

German National Coach for Men’s Foil, Richard Junghanns, captured the essence of the BF initiative, saying,

“For us, this camp allows us to set ourselves a new bar in our fencing. We trained for the Bonn World Cup on our home turf; now we need to up our game for Japan. It’s great to be here.”

Echoing the sentiment, Polish National Coach for Men’s Foil, Radoslav Glonek, confirmed the camp provided a great focal point. He said,

“This kind of training with all these European partners is perfect for developing the skills we need on the competition piste. And it’s a fantastic, friendly atmosphere – we feel very welcomed!”

L to R: Ben Peggs, Pawel Osmanski, Radoslav Glonek, Johnny Davis (Photo: Siân Hughes Pollitt)


Johnny Davis concluded,

“I think our motto for this week is pretty simple. We’re British Fencing. We’re the ADP… We’re here to learn. We’re here to progress. We’re here to win.”

Find out more about the ADP here.


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