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May we draw members’ attention to BF’s clothing rules (appendix 1 of the BF Safety Guidelines, www.britishfencing.com/governance/guidelines.

These clothing rules are for all fencers’ safety.

Remember, it is the responsibility of coaches, club officials, competition organisers and every referee to ensure that they are complied with.

In particular at the beginning of every pool and every direct elimination fight the referee should check that both fencers are wearing 800 Newton – CEN level 2 – plastrons (except when both fencers are using size 3 or smaller blades, electric or non-electric, or non – electric foil blades; then 350 Newton plastrons – CEN level 1 – are accepted).

They should also check that both fencers are wearing at least 350 Newton – CEN level 1 – jackets, masks and (again except when both fencers are using size 3 or smaller blades or non – electric foil blades) breeches, and that women are wearing rigid chest protection – it is recommended that girls wear rigid chest protection (shaped or flat) from the age of ten or from the onset of puberty if earlier.

Competition organisers should always hold a referees’ briefing at the start of any competition, at which they should remind referees of the importance of safety in general and all the above in particular.

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