16/06/2015- Latest News

We would like to draw your attention to the following excerpt from a letter sent by the FIE.

“At the FIE SEMI Commission’s recommendation, we have decided to suspend the use of Leon Paul 2013-2015 Epee blades until hearing the final conclusions of the analyses currently underway. The FIE Executive Committee will make a final decision once it has the results of this analysis.
Manufacturers are reminded that:
– Equipment or changes to equipment not submitted for SEMI Commission approval (earlier version of PBT sabre mask),
– Equipment that does not work perfectly in all situations and therefore does not comply with FIE Rules (body wire with bayonet connection),
Will not be accepted during equipment controls at FIE competitions.
The SEMI Commission will immediately contact manufacturers about this matter”.

British Fencing is requesting clarity from the FIE regarding the affected versions of the PBT sabre masks.
Please note that Leon Paul blades marked 2012 or earlier are fine, however if you have any questions about that or the bayonet connection please do contact Leon Paul directly.
The full letter can be found here:

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