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British Fencing are committed to delivering a competition programme that includes hosting International Events.

Due to the rules (EFC & FIE) under which we host these International events, these competitions have always made significant losses. The Eden Cup/Leon Paul Cup weekend alone results in a loss of over £10,000.

For the Eden Cup and Leon Paul Cup on 10th/11th January 2015 and the Camden Sabre International on 31st January/1st February, fencers representing Great Britain will be asked to pay a higher entry fee than that published for fencers from other nations.

Eden Cup/Leon Paul Cup

This increase in cost for this event is to ensure that we can pay the standard rate for British FIE qualified referees to referee for GB – matching the rate that they would get for refereeing should they travel abroad, and matching the rate that we would pay to FIE referees from other countries.

This additional cost will need to be covered by the fencers, in the same way as it is when travelling to an event abroad be it a cadet, junior or satellite event. All other officials costs will be absorbed by British Fencing.

The calculation for the Eden Cup/Leon Paul can be found below. Each FIE referee will be receiving £80 per day:

Eden Cup

2014 = 6 referees

6 x £80 = £480

2014 = 20 fencers

£480 / 20 = £24 per fencer


Leon Paul Cup

2014 = 7 referees

7 x £80 = £560

2014 = 42 fencers

£560 / 42 = £13.50 per fencer


GLL Camden International Cadet Sabre Tournament

British Fencing have taken over the running of this tournament from Camden Fencing Club for 2015. There will be a levy applied for British entries to this tournament in the same way as for other cadet trips to help cover officials costs, although this will be lower than the usual £60 per fencer taking into account the fact the event is being held in this country. Based on 2014 GB entry numbers and referee numbers, the levy has been calculated as £30 per fencer for the individual event, and £30 per team for the team event. This is higher than the Eden Cup/Leon Paul Cup below due to the number of officials required to be at the event.


Entry information for the Leon Paul Cup can now be found here.

Entry information for the GLL Camden International Cadet Sabre Tournament can now be found here.

If you have any queries, please contact Katie Rhodes.

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