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Update as at 21/10/14: All bookings for official hotels for squad members and officials must be made through Sport80. This helps to ensure that when the booking is made the whole squad can be accommodated at the best rate. We would respectfully ask parents to avoid making bookings for themselves directly with the official hotel until the Squad have been booked in. Parents chaperoning minors for independent travel should make official hotel bookings via Sport80.
Any requirement for athletes to stay independently of the Squad will require specific authorisation* and will not be permitted for cost reasons.
Independent booking of travel and separate hotel is permitted in exceptional circumstances but must be authorised* in advance. Any request for independent booking of travel must be accompanied by the comparative quotes from Sport80, or an email from Sport80 confirming that independent booking is appropriate. If the comparative cost is less than £30 per person then independent booking will not be authorised.

(Please note that independent travel can be booked with Sport80 at any time (eg prior to Selection dates). This is done at your own risk and will confer no selection rights and will not suffice as evidence of subsequent acceptance of selection)
* Authorisation requests should be sent with all details attached to the relevant Weapon Coordinator and Team Manager (if assigned). Please cc [email protected].

For the attention of all fencers selected to represent GB at Junior World Cups and their parents/guardians.

On the 29th July 2014 we announced that British Fencing and Sport:80 had entered into a partnership for Sport:80 to provide British Fencing with a proficient and holistic management approach to our overseas trips.

Sport:80 have been working very hard with the volunteers and BF staff to put in place procedures. The service being provided will see them plan, cost and deliver our trips as well as manage all aspects of the administration process. This will not only take a significant, unsustainable burden from volunteers, but also deliver much faster financial reconciliations and breakdowns that fencers and parents demand. British Fencing does not have the resources to support this work internally.

Sport:80 are working with our existing team of Trip Administrators (TAs) and Chef d’Equipe (CdEs)/Team Managers, who continue to give up their valuable time as volunteers, to support our young fencers in their pursuit of sporting excellence and to gain valuable experience of overseas tournaments.

Our wish is that all fencers use the services of Sport:80 if selected to fence at Junior World Cups; if there are extenuating circumstances not to do so please contact Sport:80 or your Trip Administrator. Here is a summary of the key benefits of doing so:

1. Athletes are travelling to represent their country and should therefore be managed and travel as a team.

2. TAs and CdEs give up their time as volunteers and the less trip-related management they have to worry about, the more time they have to look after the team. A fragmented approach to trip planning leaves volunteers and fencers potentially vulnerable.

3. In the event of sudden changes during a trip the CdE only needs to call one number for immediate 24/7 support for the team. The added burden of having to support fencers who may have booked flights etc themselves introduces unnecessary risk into the situation.

4. Fencers travelling alone and meeting up or departing from a variety of locations can cause delay and distress to the team as well as themselves. This can impact negatively on an athlete’s performance.

5. Sport:80 has extensive experience of planning overseas travel for groups. Their knowledge, expertise and extremely supportive organisation make them an ideal partner for British Fencing.

6. Sport80 are taking over the bulk of the financial administration for the management of officials expenses. This will result in timely financial reconciliations after each trips and refunds being processed faster. Invoices will be available for those that require them. This is a service that has been requested by many parents and athletes.

We must stress that our partnership with Sport:80 is centred around improving efficiency, economies and effectiveness to deliver greater value and performance gains to all of our stakeholders. Please support them as they support British Fencing, and help us to create a viable and sustainable trip management service for the future.

We do understand that in some situations fencers will not be able to book their travel and accommodation through Sport80. In this situation there will be a £30 administration charge*. This will cover the cost of the financial reconciliation and administrative services that Sport80 will still be delivering to each athlete.

All feedback from fencers and parents is welcomed and encouraged.

Sport:80 can be contacted as follows: Gary Hargraves – [email protected] – 07768 243046.    Jonny Turner – [email protected] – 07837 776119

(*Please note that if you have already had a non Sport80 booking specifically authorised prior to 23/9/14, this fee will not apply. Please also note that independent travel can still be booked through Sport80, the charge is only levied if an alternative booking agent is used. Athletes choosing to book their travel independently from Sport80 will be responsible for meeting up with the official group at the agreed meeting point at the official hotel. Sport80 and the CdE cannot take responsibility for athletes that choose to book and travel independently of the group.)

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