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Timeline for the announcement of selection for the upcoming Cadet and Junior European 2022.  

  • Tuesday 18th January – the ranking scheme data is locked and used in the selection process.
  • Tuesday 25th January (in the morning) – the selection will be posted on the BF  website.
  • Tuesday 25th January – all fencers that applied will be sent a notification by email of one of the following 1) You have been selected 2) Selection as Non-Travelling Reserve  3) In this instance you have not been selected for this competition.
  • Tues 25th to Friday 28th January – The ADP Weapon Leads and other staff will be available for feedback conversations with those athletes that have applied for a discretionary place. Athletes are also encouraged to reach out for additional support if they are struggling with the news (ARE YOU OK? – BRITISH FENCING) and the BF Welfare Officer will also be available ([email protected]).
  • Tues 25th to Friday 28th January – Further conversations will be undertaken with the Personal Coaches to share insights on the athlete assessment.

With nearly 90 applications for a maximum of 48 travelling athletes, we know there will be a lot of disappointment to manage. We would request that all parents and coaches support and allow these conversations described above to take place as they form an important aspect of the athlete development journey and will provide the opportunity to better understand the selection decision and the route to future selection.

Whilst we understand that selection decisions can generate significant emotion, we would ask that parents and coaches do not behave in ways that might constitute abuse or harassment to BF staff, selectors and coaches.  This includes repeated calling, messaging, emailing and making personal threats. Any such behaviour will be reported for disciplinary action.

If you have any questions relating to this post, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.

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