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In advance of selection, a confirmation of the athletes that have met qualification standards and a list of those athletes that have applied to be considered for discretionary selection for the 2022 Cadet (U17) and Junior (U20) Europeans. 

Selection for the event will be performed in accordance with the GBR Selection Policy v1.1 Approved 23.11.2021.

The following fencers have met the selection qualification standards for the Cadet and Junior Championship 2022.

  • Alec Brooke (CME)
  • Amelie Tsang (CWF)
  • Bethany Brierley (CWS)
  • Jaimie Cook (CMF)
  • Julia Caron (JWE)
  • Teagan Williams-Stewart (JWF)

We received nearly 90 applications for Discretionary selection across the two events. These are indicated by a status of ‘D’ in the list below. Order is alphabetical by first name, NOT by ranking.

The full list of athletes that will be considered by the Selection panel is as follows.

Fencers Names Age Group Weapon Status
Alec Brooke Cadet CME Q
David Perkins Cadet CME D
Liam Kew Cadet CME D
Noah Cador Beautyman Cadet CME D
Tristan Lumineau Cadet CME D
Cadet Men’s Epee Total = 5
Jaimie Cook Cadet CMF Q
Callum Penman Cadet CMF D
David Jacob Sosnov Cadet CMF D
Dominic Kiss Cadet CMF D
Henry Stirling Cadet CMF D
Indio Campbell Yates Cadet CMF D
Nye Ulferts Kilpatrick Cadet CMF D
Cadet Men’s Foil Total = 7
Alexander Lister Cadet CMS D
Felix Groves Cadet CMS D
Henry Martin Cadet CMS D
Nathanael Kloss Cadet CMS D
Ryuki Hiyama Cadet CMS D
Samuel Horne Cadet CMS D
Sebastian Silva Cadet CMS D
Thomas Heath Cadet CMS D
Zachary Woodward Cadet CMS D
Cadet Men’s Sabre Total = 9
Charlotte Lattanzio Cadet CWE D
Hannah LeBor Cadet CWE D
Lauren Ryder-Garcia Cadet CWE D
Maisie Everett Cadet CWE D
Millie Andrews Cadet CWE D
Sabrina Jones Cadet CWE D
Zoya Suresh Cadet CWE D
Cadet Women’s Epee Total = 7
Amelie Tsang Cadet CWF Q
Carolina Stutchbury Cadet CWF D
Isabella johnson Cadet CWF D
Martha Conchie Cadet CWF D
Megan Elliott Cadet CWF D
Sophie Tsang Cadet CWF D
Tamara Gavrilenko Cadet CWF D
Cadet Women’s Foil Total = 7
Bethany Brierley Cadet CWS Q
Eleanor Blackledge Cadet CWS D
Hui Xin Sezille Cadet CWS D
Keira Donnelly-Sallows Cadet CWS D
Lexie Craze Cadet CWS D
Lucia Lees Cadet CWS D
Melissa Jane Cadet CWS D
Verity Lees Cadet CWS D
Cadet Women’s Sabre Total = 8
Alec Brooke Junior JME D
Isaac McKerr Junior JME D
Jacob Mitchell Junior JME D
James Jeal Junior JME D
Joseph Walmsley Junior JME D
Louis Taiwo Williams Junior JME D
Hal Jones Junior JME D
Junior Men’s Epee Total = 7
David Williams Junior JMF D
Jaimie Cook Junior JMF D
Joe Donaghue Junior JMF D
Lachlan Jarvie Junior JMF D
Maxwell Jones Junior JMF D
Oliver Strange Junior JMF D
Rafael Rhys Pollitt Junior JMF D
Dario Stenbeck-Schiavo Junior JMF D
Woser Prossor Junior JMF D
William Lonsdale Junior JMF D
Junior Men’s Foil Total = 10
Julie Caron Junior JWE Q
Abagael Black Junior JWE D
Eda Onay Junior JWE D
Eleanor Taylor Junior JWE D
Ellie Jackson Junior JWE D
Erin Pedler Junior JWE D
Hannah LeBor Junior JWE D
Imogen Bulman Junior JWE D
Rachael Lever Junior JWE D
Sophie Peat Junior JWE D
Junior Women’s Epee Total = 10
Teagan Williams-Stewart Junior JWF Q
Amelie Tsang Junior JWF D
Carolina Stutchbury Junior JWF D
Emily Beardmore Junior JWF D
Georgia Silk Junior JWF D
Madeleine Gale Junior JWF D
Junior Women’s Foil Total = 6
Amy Westwell Junior JWS D
Bea Moore Junior JWS D
Bethany Brierley Junior JWS D
Ellen Robbins Wilkinson Junior JWS D
Lexie Craze Junior JWS D
Melissa Jane Junior JWS D
Nicole Saunders Junior JWS D
Junior Women’s Sabre Total = 7
Darcy Holdsworth Junior JMS D
Folayemi Akinyosoye Junior JMS D
Ian Ho Junior JMS D
Max Cromie Junior JMS D
Olmypios Gougoulias Junior JMS D
Sam Horne Junior JMS D
Samuel Allen Junior JMS D
Junior Men’s Sabre Total = 7


The selection panel will be constituted in accordance with the GBR Selection Policy v1.1 Approved 23.11.2021  which sets out the structure of the Championships Selection Panel.

U17 & U20 European Championship Selection Panel

Role Numbers Voting
Chair 1 Yes Head of Pathway
ADP Performance Rep 1 Yes Head of Olympic Teams
ADP Weapons Rep 3 Yes Weapon Leads
Panel Members Minimum 3 Yes Weapon Selection Panel
Independent Member 1 Yes BF Chief Medical Officer
ADP Sports Science & Medical Rep 1 No Not required
Observer 1 No Head of People and Culture
Note Taker 1 No TBC


Appeals & Complaints (Section 13 – extract from the Selection Policy)

  1. Any athlete who has not achieved the eligibility criteria and qualifying performance standards for automatic selection for any International Competitions or Major Championships shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  2. Any athlete who has not completed and submitted a ‘GBR Discretionary Selection Form’, shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  3. Any athlete who has not provided a completed Athlete Assessment Form (submitted as part of the Selection Application Form where applicable), shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  4. Submitting the Selection Application Form is the opportunity for the athlete to provide any relevant data to the Selection Panel. An athlete shall have no right of appeal against non selection on the grounds that the data supplied by the athlete was missing or inaccurate.

If you have any questions relating to this post, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.

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