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Following the publication of the final GBR Selection Policy, and in light of season competition disruptions, athletes that wish to be considered for a discretionary selection are invited to submit an application to BF by midday on 13th January 2022.

The 2022 Cadet European Championships are scheduled to begin at the end of February, the proposed host city of Novi Sad, Serbia. The event schedule and reglements are yet to be published.

Selection for this event will be in accordance with the GBR Selection Policy, which is approved by the Board.

Athletes that have achieved the minimum qualification standards set out in the policy are not required to apply for a discretionary selection.

To be considered for selection athletes must complete an online GBR Discretionary Selection Form by the published date. This includes uploading the most recent BF Athlete Assessment document, which is expected to be completed by the athlete and their personal coach.

The Policy states that  general grounds of discretionary selection (6.2) for cadets:

15 .*The decision-making process will include reviewing the submitted Athlete Assessment which is based on the published BF Pathway Stages and components. Athletes will be assessed against the minimum Pathway Standards:

  • T2 for the Cadet age category

The Athlete Assessment form for the Cadet European Championships will be initially based on the T2 Pathway Stage. It is recommended but not required that athletes ask their personal coaches to input into the assessment process.

To access the Athlete Assessment Form and supporting resources designed to help athletes and their personal coaches complete the form, please click the link below:


How do I complete the Athlete Assessment form?

If you have not completed this assessment form before, there are supporting resources to help you available in the link above, along with the assessment form that can be downloaded. We recommend that athletes copy and paste most of the information requested by BF from their existing personal development plans managed by athletes and their personal coaches.

Where do I upload the form?

The Athlete Assessment form should be uploaded as part of the GBR Discretionary Selection Form.

What is the deadline? 

Midday on 13th January 2022. Applications received late or incomplete after this deadline will not be considered.

Appeals & Complaints (13) (extract from the Selection Policy)

  1. Any athlete who has not achieved the eligibility criteria and qualifying performance standards for automatic selection for any International Competitions or Major Championships shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  2. Any athlete who has not completed and submitted a ‘GBR Discretionary Selection Form’, shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  3. Any athlete who has not provided a completed Athlete Assessment Form (submitted as part of the Selection Application Form where applicable), shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  4. Submitting the Selection Application Form is the opportunity for the athlete to provide any relevant data to the Selection Panel. An athlete shall have no right of appeal against nonselection on the grounds that the data supplied by the athlete was missing or inaccurate.

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