01/08/2019- ADP Update

Archive of information on camps before September 2019:


JULY 06-07 2019 – Athlete induction for the 2019/20 season. Fencers will explore their Athlete Profiles, Performance Plans, and will spend time setting goals for the coming season.  DiSE fencers will learn about financial management as an athlete, athlete nutrition, and how to plan their summer training.

APRIL 15-17 2019 – Trial days for new ADP athletes. A “Getting to know you” session for new athletes with an ADP coach. DiSE fencers will be completing Training Period 1, setting up Training Period 2 and Athlete Nutrition.

FEBRUARY 23-24 2019 – Major Champs preparation and end of season review. This will include fencing as a team, evaluating a season and making a plan for the off-season.



February 23/24 2018: Manchester – Manchester Fencing Centre (All Weapons)
July 6/7 2018: Nottingham – Jubilee Campus
September 1/2 2018: Nottingham – David Ross Sports Village (Foil), Leon Paul Fencing Centre (Epee & Sabre)
October 20/21 2018: Manchester – Manchester Fencing Centre (All Weapons)
December 28-30 2018: London – Leon Paul Fencing Centre (Foil), Nottingham – David Ross Sports Village (Epee & Sabre)
February 2019: 23/24: Manchester – Manchester Fencing Centre (All Weapons)
April 15th/16th 2019
July 6th/7th 2019

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