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BF has launched ‘Behind the Mask’, a major survey, supported by our funding bodies, to gather essential data about what motivates people to fence. Members are invited to complete the survey and help gather a full picture of the mindset ‘Behind the Mask’, to help inform and develop our sport.

Update September 14: Thanks to member feedback we have fixed reported issues and the survey is now accepting responses correctly.

The Behind the Mask survey has now launched and is open to all BF members. In 2014, Crowd DNA conducted research into understanding more about young British fencers including how they relate to fencing and the role that it plays in their lifestyle. By overlaying insight from their Tribes youth research we identified key attitudes and behaviours that fencers shared, helping to inform how to best target new fencers. Almost seven years on, British Fencing would like to revitalise this study to update their audience understanding and continue engaging with potential fencers of the future.

Hannah Gavin, Development Officer for Clubs and Regions at BF says, “Insight about fencers and their reasons to fence helps us all. It helps clubs to attract new members, helps BF to create relevant membership offers, helps projects and programmes to create great initiatives, and helps develop commercial opportunities as we reach new audiences.”

The Behind the Mask survey complements previous research undertaken in 2014 and has been developed and delivered by audience insight specialists CrowdDNA. The previous survey gave valuable insight into perceptions of fencing and how our participants enjoy the uniqueness of our brilliant sport.

This information led to new initiatives including the 90-day free Introduction to Fencing membership, the recreational GB League, and the development of a new branding set of assets (now available on the BF Digital Portal) to help clubs attract new members within these receptive audiences. We were also able to use the insight to take fencing to new audiences and partners who may not have considered the sport before.

Georgina Usher, BF’s CEO says, “As an NGB, it’s important that we understand our members, going beyond basic demographics and really getting to the heart of the community we serve. We use this insight in all sorts of ways, including to enhance funding bids which, when successful, provide vital investment into supporting and growing our community.  This is incredibly important at this critical time as we return to fencing. This insight also plays a crucial role in helping us to attract new members whilst also developing a deeper understanding of our increasingly diverse community.”

The ‘Behind the Mask’ survey is now open. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. There is an option to enter for a chance to win £300 cash prize (terms and conditions apply*).




*Terms and conditions: Participants will only be entered into the prize draw upon completion of the survey. You will be asked to provide your email address in order to be entered into the prize draw. Email addresses provided will only be used for the purpose of the prize draw and to contact the winner – it will in no way lead to any form of marketing. All participants may only be entered into the prize draw once. Winners will be contacted via email and must respond within 2 weeks of when the email is sent in order to claim their prize.

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