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British Fencing (BF) and The British Disabled Fencing Association (BDFA) would like to announce the proposed greater collaboration and strengthening bonds between both organisations. The purpose of working collaboratively is to identify the number and needs of disabled fencers within the wider fencing community in order to support those fencers towards the goals they wish to achieve, be that social fencing, training camps or the ultimate goal of becoming a Paralympian. In order to do this, we would aim to support clubs and coaches with advice and training to help extend their knowledge to coach their wheelchair fencers and, for the future, any person with a disability.

There is a need to identify the current provision that is available to disability fencers across Great Britain. We would like to hear from clubs, coaches, parents, and fencers about the disability sessions they are part of. This will allow us to map out the current opportunities and provide support to any key areas that are already delivering disability fencing opportunities.

If you are involved in any form of disability fencing, please complete this short survey:


BDFA & BF are also proud to announce a newly developed Wheelchair Fencing Course. The course is based on a number of modules including:

  1. Set-up/equipment, transferring and strapping
  2. Lessons technical
  3. Lessons tactical
  4. Inclusive Games
  5. Rules

This first-ever course will take place on Saturday 24th February at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre, 09.00 – 17.00.

The course and will be led by Peter Rome (Head Coach, Wheelchair Fencing).

The course is now open for bookings via the British Fencing website here. Please note places are limited.

BF and the BDFA would like to thank, Peter Rome, Shah Rashid and Alan Sheriff for their work on developing this course.

British Fencing and The British Disabled Fencing Association.

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