03/10/2018- GBR

British Fencing has confirmed the appointment of a panel of coaches from which coaches would be selected to act as GBR National Coaches to support the Senior GBR Teams when competing internationally in Senior FIE World Cups Team events, European and World Championships for the 2018-19 season.

These coaches have been appointed to the panel following a review of the 2017-18 season which included feedback from the athletes.

For World Cup Team Events, the individual Weapon Managers will be responsible for selecting a coach from the panel.  It may not be possible for funding reasons to send coaches to all events.

For European and World Championships, the International Senior Management Group and the BF Coaching Development Manager will select the coaches from the panel, taking into account the views of the athletes selected.

The current Senior GBR Coach Panel is:
Foil: Alex Beardmore
Epee: John Rees, Oana Puiu
Sabre: Jon Salfield, James Williams

In response to athlete feedback, Johnny Davis will continue in his role as travelling GBR Team Manager for the Men’s Foil Squad and there is no current intention to appoint a GBR National Coach for the Men’s Foil Team events.

Please note

  • BF does not currently have a budget to support sending coaches with the Senior teams.
  • If funding to support Senior GBR coaches is secured (eg through the BF Charity, Epee Club, sponsors or patrons) then coaches will be appointed from this panel based on factors including availability, cost and athlete views.
  • Should a team of fencers qualify for Euros/Worlds, every effort will be made to secure funding to enable one or more of the coaches per weapon to accompany the squad.
  • If any of the coaches on the panel are attending a World Cup in a personal coaching capacity they can (volunteer to) act as GBR National Coach for that team event.  If more than one coach from the panel from a weapon is attending the same competition the expectation is that they will work together as GBR National Coaches. In that scenario there will be a nominated GBR lead coach for the Team event.
  • The panel will be reviewed at least on an annual basis before the start of the international World Cup season by the Weapon Managers, Chair of the International Senior Management Group and the BF Coaching Development Manager.

Coaches that wish to apply to join the panel should submit a CV to [email protected] with supporting letters from at least 2 athletes within the top 10 of the Senior GB rankings who are regularly competing at Senior World Cup/Grand Prix level.  Alongside experience of coaching at international level, panel coaches are expected to demonstrate active involvement in continual professional development and be working as part of the coaching team delivering the GBR athlete development programme activities.

Personal coaches may still accompany athletes representing GBR, for more information please read http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/gbr_coaches_policy_v1.0[1].pdf

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