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BF Athlete Representative Nomination Results – Elections Open on 29th July

The window has now closed for nominations for Athlete Representatives to join the BF Athlete Representation Panel, elections will open on 29th July.

Following the announcement here, nominations for Athlete Representatives have been received in the following disciplines:

  • Women’s Epee – Kat Smith Taylor
  • Women’s Para – Gemma Collis
  • Men’s Epee – Billy Shepherd
  • Men’s Para – Piers Gilliver
  • Men’s Sabre – Will Deary, Nick Howes

(Updated 1.8.22 – no nominations were received from Foil or Women’s Sabre)

For disciplines where only one candidate has been nominated these candidates will be appointed and their supporting statements can be found here.

As there is one discipline where more than one candidate has been nominated there will be an election for a representative in that discipline. This process is being run independently by the British Athlete Commission and will be completely confidential.

Online elections will open on 29th July 2022 and voting will close 5pm on the 11th August 2022 (please note the changes to the original published schedule).

To be eligible to vote athletes:

  • must hold a current BF compete membership as well as a GBR FIE or IWAS license.
  • must be a member of the BF ADP or the EIS WCP (information about joining the ADP can be found here)

Eligible athletes will receive an email on 29th July 2022 from BF with a link to vote. The candidate’s statements will be visible in the voting platform.

If you are a member of the ADP and not already receiving emails from BF please check your junk and spam settings before contacting using this form.


More Information

The purpose of the BF Athlete Representation Panel (the ARP) is to provide a representative voice for GBR athletes on the GBR international performance pathway to Olympic success (‘Athletes’), in particular those involved with the BF Athlete Development Programme (‘ADP’). It is intended to:

  • provide a group for Athletes on the performance pathway to share their feedback on all aspects of the GBR system and structure (as delivered by the BF Athlete Development Programme, excluding the elements delivered by the EIS Para Fencing World Class Programme)
  • provide Athletes with a mechanism for ensuring their views on important matters are heard and communicated to the BF Senior Leadership Team and Board
  • provide a two-way communication link between the Athletes and the BF Senior Leadership Team and BF Board.


Please note the following changes to the role of the ARP:

  • Replaces the existing Senior Athlete Panel and the Youth Athlete Panel.
  • An extended remit to cover the whole of the ADP. The ADP is the part of BF that delivers the GBR system and structure and covers all GBR international pathway activity from U17 through to Senior (excluding Veteran).
  • Includes para fencing in relation to the elements of the GBR structure delivered by BF (WCP athletes are still welcome to stand for election).


Note on ADP Membership – The ADP is focussed on supporting athletes from age 15 to 35 (and beyond for those performing at Olympic level) who are moving through a defined development pathway to success at the highest level of fencing. However any athlete who has been selected for a World Cup or Grand Prix can request to join the ADP and we will seek to include them in ADP activities in a developmentally appropriate way. If you are currently represent GBR at FIE World Cups or Grand Prix and wish to be part of the ADP please complete this form here. Before you do so, please check your junk mail as you may already be receiving invitations to participate in ADP activities.


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