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BF Coaches (Level 2 and above) are invited to attend a new sword-in-hand CPD based around their needs.

Page Updated: 13th February 2024.

Update 13th February: Venue & date change


16th & 17th March 2024, Venue: LONDON AREA – VENUE TBC

23rd & 24th November 2024, Venue: TBC 

Research and experience suggest coaches who seek to grow and develop their technical and tactical understanding of their practice, will support the growth and development of an athlete significantly. 

This can be achieved through formal, Coach Education programmes such as BF Level 2 or UK Coaching’s FOCUS programme, and informal learning opportunities such as Combat Club or peer learning; BF supports and encourages your continual development by providing and signposting coaches to learning and development opportunities. 

Thinking of you as a community of coaches who are supporting our fencers, some of you will seek to progress formally, whilst others informally, so recognising your motivations to develop yourself is important to us. It helps us to create the right development offer at the right time, and importantly, make it as accessible as possible.

Some are keen to progress their coaching to support the improvement and growth of fencers, while others are motivated by maintaining their current coaching level and satisfy their curiosity as to developments within coach delivery. 

BF recognises these and other motivations, as well as our collective responsibility to support your development and growth as a coach.

Continual Professional Development (CPD) is now being supported through running dedicated CPD workshops designed to support and enhance coaches’ coaching skills focused on the technical coaching HOW skills. 

This ‘no cost’ to access CPD Pilot is an opportunity being offered to those coaches who have completed a CFL2 and are interested in preparing for their next coaching award; be it an additional weapon at CFL2 or preparing for their L3.

If successful, we intend to increase the offer and hold regular opportunities for face-to-face CPD. 

 Please register your interest in attending using this link below.

or if you would like an informal chat about the opportunity please email [email protected] or [email protected] to arrange a call. 


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