26/10/2023- Disability inclusion


BF coaches and staff have been working alongside the Paralympics GB Commercial and Philanthropy team to help them secure funding through come-try fencing sessions at BPA partner events.

On the 10th of October 2023,  coach developer Ev Van Gemeren was at the John West head offices in Liverpool, demonstrating seated fencing to the staff. He ran sessions using plastic fencing kit and board room seating to give a taste of grassroots seated fencing activities, showing you can start seated fencing with very little professional equipment.

People sitting in chairs fencing against each other using plastic equipment.

On the 19th of October, British Fencing’s inclusion officer Rick Rodgers brought a team – including a coach from our partner PGL – to run a coached experience and a solo play style learning opportunity at the London Guildhouse.

The solo play style pitted participants against a series of challenges: firstly against hanging hoops, then levelling up to tennis balls, and finally testing their speed against our reaction board. It was fun seeing all the participants, dressed to impress, sitting with our plastic fencing kit and getting active.

The event was run by Sir Robert McAlpine to support Paralympics GB and the Road to Paris 2024. There were 450 people who attended the event at the Guildhouse, and together they raised over £87,000.

A PGL coach sitting in the magnificent crypts of the London Guildhall holding a plastic fencing sword A poster showing a GB wheelchair fencer in action and noting the names of sponsors for the fundraising event

The report on McAlpine’s website states “One of the highlights of the day was the chance for guests to try out wheelchair fencing firsthand. It was a moment for guests to experience what it is like to challenge each other and recognise the incredible skill which it requires to become a Paralympian.”

You can read more about it on their website: ‘Best of British lunch raises over 90k for Paralympics GB‘.


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