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Have You Seen BF’s Digital Portal?

BF’s Digital Portal provides free-to-download digital assets and photos for all BF members. It will be regularly updated with new campaigns. Read our access information and ‘how to’ guide.

BF has a home for digital assets and photos. The Digital Portal includes approved imagery for use on social media, websites and newsletters, as well as photos from our events. The assets are approved and available to download for free.

Whats on Offer?

Members can use the search function to discover what’s available. You can search via a platform, e.g. ‘Facebook’, to see all compatible items, or search by theme, e.g. GB League, to find all assets in that category.

The portal has launched with several asset packs to help clubs attract new members as we return to fencing. There is also a campaign pack available to help clubs share the free BF 90-day Introduction to Fencing membership.

Photos from BF events are also available to download.

Assets can be requested via the asset request form on the portal. If you have imagery that you would like to share on the portal for general use, or if you would like to request a campaign asset pack, please email [email protected].

A step by step guide to the portal can be found here.


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