17/07/2017- Latest News

British Fencing today announced the launch of a licensing scheme to provide fencing event organisers with appropriate insurance and public liability cover for events. In a move that will give event organisers increased protection, the licensing scheme will also ensure that all licensed events are covered by the BF insurance policy.

An additional benefit will be that over time a comprehensive searchable list of licensed events will be created, available on the BF website, to allow fencers, parents and coaches to easily search for competitions and events that meet their needs.

This scheme will also enable significant improvements in calendar management, helping British Fencing, Home Nations and major event organisers to avoid clashes.

Event organisers will be able to register their event through the BF Membership platform, providing basic event information required by the BF insurance policy.  Events will then be issued with a unique license number which can then be used on competition information forms and webpages.

Georgina Usher, British Fencing CEO, said “The growth of our sport has resulted in an increase in both the number and types of fencing events held in the UK. This scheme will ensure that all licensed events have appropriate insurance cover in place whether these are fun have-a-go events for the public, recreational events for social fencers or our traditional competitive circuit events. As we welcome a new generation into fencing this scheme will help us give new participants easily accessible information about the events being run across the country. In addition it will also help us keep fencing event organisers directly updated with the latest relevant information, policy and best practice to create safe fun environments for everyone to enjoy our sport.”

Licensing fees range for £0 to £40 depending on the type of license. Further information and FAQ’s can be found here.

From 1st November, any event organiser that has not licensed their event will not be covered by the British Fencing insurance policy. Membership insurance will still cover participants in the usual way.

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