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2021 BF Honours Announcement

The 2021 BF Honours were announced at the AGM on Saturday 9th October and will be presented by President Hilary Philbin at the BF Senior Championships, on 6th November 2021.

Here is a summary of the awards, with citations taken from the nominations:

Covid-19 Certificate
Teagan Williams-Stewart – For her exceptional initiative and leadership at this difficult time.
Mark Kent – For his dedication to supporting young students to personal disadvantage.
Keith Cook – For showing extraordinary inventiveness in keeping fencing and coaching going during the difficult times of the pandemic.

Award of Merit
Jim Whelan – For his services to fencing in the South East Region

Bronze Medal
Jamie Miller – For his dedication to fencing and to British Fencing as a voice for progress and change, arguing for higher standards and innovation.
Brian Causton – For his dedication over the years to delivering many courses, development days and competitions in the South-East that benefitted everyone in the region.
Keith Cook – For his services to fencing, including his work with Salle Holyrood and Fencing Fun in Edinburgh.

Silver Medal
David Lichfield – In recognition of his three decades of commitment to supporting British fencers and British Fencing with armoury services.

Gold Medal
Piers Gilliver
Dimitri Coutya
Oliver Lam-Watson
For their outstanding achievement of one individual gold, 2 individual bronze, one team silver and one team bronze medals at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

President’s Award
Peter Rome
Ben Peggs
In recognition of their achievement in bringing this team to medal-winning standard over the past 2 years and supporting them in Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Anne Hanrahan Award
Sian Hughes Pollitt – Sian was the driving force behind the special issue of The Sword (Class of 2020 Souvenir Edition), which celebrated the achievements of our top junior and cadet fencers during lockdown.  Sian has also worked tirelessly to acknowledge and showcase fencers and their support teams across all six disciplines.


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