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2023 BF Honours Announcement

Full list of the 2023 BF Honours which were announced at the AGM on Friday 6th October.

Summary of the awards:

Award of Merit:

Paul Willmott – In recognition of his work as an outstanding promoter of fencing through his enthusiasm for the sport and support of his club (Northampton) and club mates, using multiple social media routes to bring events to the attention of other members and regularly posting from events promoting the sport.


Bronze Medals:

Liam Harrington – in recognition of his significant contribution as a volunteer coach, a “beacon of good faith and good practice, coaching all from the tiniest fencer who held a plastic weapon to veteran fencers who just loved to wield a sabre on a Wednesday night. He very patiently and lovingly nurtured his beginners to have the right footwork and the right attitude and gave his time to making Maitre d’Armes of others”.


Silver Medals:

Colin Garner.  Heather Finlayson, Robert (Rob) Kirby  In recognition of their lifetime’s service to British Fencing as Master Armourers.

Recently retired founder members of the British Guild of Armourers Colin, Heather and Rob have supported British Fencing in excess of forty years. They are Master Armourers and have assisted greatly in helping the Guild to achieve the worldwide reputation that it has.

They worked tirelessly for our sport and were major contributors to the armoury teams in events ranging from such as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to domestic BF schools competitions and local events in the North East.

They were also part of the team that produced and filmed the DVD on how to carry out a major event weapon control that is used around the world for training purposes.


Ian Hamilton – In recognition of his selfless service across the sport.  Ian has been an elected member of the Committee of the Kent County Amateur Fencing Union and has volunteered as its Honorary Treasurer for many years. He is regularly present at the local tournaments and assists in all aspects of their organisation. Ian has been the backbone of the Tenterden Swords Fencing Club ever since he joined soon after it was started in 1976. He hardly misses a week and is first in and last out, setting up and looking after the kit, doing repairs and working with the members from beginners upwards. He was Secretary of club for many years, and has been an integral part of the committee running the Invicta Open for nearly fifty years.

For many years he and his wife, Christine, refereed fencing events for Modern Pentathlon, both domestic and international, and he was selected as a referee for the London Olympics, but gave up his place so that another referee could have the honour.


Results based awards*:

Silver Medal: Amelie Tsang – Cadet Women’s Foil Individual Gold at the 2023 Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv

Silver Medal: Joshua Waddell – Gold in Men’s Epee and Men’s Foil Team Events at the 2023 Para Fencing European  Championships in Warsaw.

Goblet (Individual Results): Carolina Stutchbury – Women’s Foil Individual Bronze at the 2023 Junior European Championships


Goblet (Team Results):

Mihkel Archer/Aarav Chaudhari/Callum Penman/David Sosnov Men’s Cadet Foil Team Silver at the 2023 Cadet European Championships in Tallin

Cador Beautyman/ Tristan Lumineau/ Sameer Sunder-Rajan/ Cheney Zhu Men’s Cadet Epee Team Bronze at the 2023 Cadet European Championships in Tallin.


More Information:

Previously awarded BF Honours


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(*Correction published to results based awards on 4th January 2023 – error in transcription)

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