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Following the election of Italian candidate Giorgio Scarso to EFC president, BF President Hilary Philbin joins EFC Comex

BF President Hilary Philbin


Following the departure of former president Pozdnyakov, the European Fencing Confederation (the EFC) held an Extraordinary Congress for the election of a new president on 1st October in Warsaw.

The Italian Fencing Federation candidate, Giorgio Scarso was elected as the new President of the European Fencing Confederation, beating Icelandic candidate Nikolay Mateev (24 votes to 20).

Scarso chaired FIS (the Italian Fencing Federation) for 16 years until 2021, served as Vice President of CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee) and in 2008 he was elected to the Executive Committee of the FIE (the International Fencing Federation), becoming Vice President, a position held for two four years terms until November 2021.

This election created a space on the EFC Executive Committee (Comex), which is filled using the results from the last EFC Comex elections. The candidate with the next highest number of votes was BF President Hilary Philbin and as a result she has been automatically appointed to EFC Comex.

BF President Hilary Philbin said, “On behalf of British Fencing I would like to congratulate Giorgio Scarso on becoming president of the EFC. His long-term experience on the FIE Comex combined with his dedication to good governance and his passion for every aspect of fencing will bring strength and leadership to the largest zonal confederation. I am personally honoured to be joining the EFC Comex and looking forward to working with my fellow committee members to deliver the comprehensive programme of change as set out by the new president.”



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