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In collaboration with the BF Ranking Manager, BF has published the latest version of the BF Ranking Scheme for 2022-23.

As part of the ADP’s ongoing strategy to encourage athletes to gain appropriate international experience and development opportunities, BF listened to feedback from the athletes and acknowledged the need to change the points calculations for Senior international and Under 23 competitions in the new scheme.

These changes are designed to appropriately recognise international performances and stabilise the points calculations caused by the cyclical nature of the FIE points system, in particular, post-Olympic Games.


Seniors and Under 23 Ranking Scheme:

Simplification of the calculation for multipliers of international competitions. 

  • No significant changes from the previous season with only minor clarifications to the domestic calculations.
  • Removal of the International NIF Calculations.
  • For FIE Satellites, EFC Under 23 competitions and Commonwealth Championships, the calculation of the international competition multiplier uses the published scale that reflects the size and strength of the event, which is applied after the event. This is the same table used for consistency for the Cadet and Junior Scheme.

Fixed multipliers will be applied in the following table:

Event Multiplier
FIE World Cups and Grand Prix 5000
World Championships and Olympic Games 6000
FIE Zonal Championships 3000
EFC U23 Championships (U23 Scheme only)


U17s (Cadets) & U20s (Juniors) Schemes

  • No significant changes from the previous season with only minor clarifications.
  • The multiplier table has been moved to the general section of the document (3.3.6), as it is shared with the Senior and Under 23 schemes.
  • European Cadet and Junior Championships multiplier will have a base value of 1000.

The new ranking scheme document can be found here: Ranking Scheme 

For an indicative look at how these multipliers impact ranking points please see the following table. This level of detail is intended to support athletes when reviewing their competition and training plans.

Senior and U23 Points Comparison table: Click Here

Cadet and Junior Points Comparison table: Click Here


Intermediate Ranking Schemes

  • Some minor clarifications
  • Recognition of Registered Intermediate Ranking Competitions


More information to follow regarding submitting ‘Plate’ competitions that can be included in intermediate rankings.


Event organisers

  • The shortened timescale for organisers to upload their results to aid the selection process and production of the rankings.
  • Introduction of the levy (3.8) and conditions for the payments.
  • Amendments to the penalty tables.


BF Points Co-ordinators

  • Our intention is for domestic results to be approved within 24 hours of upload to support quicker delivery of rankings.
  • International results will automatically be approved when imported directly from the EFC or FIE website to speed up the ranking production.


If you have any further questions about this post, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.

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