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Dear Member
I write to you, on behalf of the Board, with information about further elections to the British Fencing Board.  Do please read this carefully, and think about your possible nominations and vote.
The role of your Board is important.  The Board sets the strategy for your sport, oversees the finances and partnerships, looks after the stakeholders and makes key appointments, including the CEO.  After a period of restructure, designed to improve our governance to modern standards, the Board is ambitious  –  we aim by 2024 to grow the sport, to increase membership and to strive to be the leading fencing nation.   We know these are big endeavours and won’t be easy!  
We seek now two more Elected Directors, bringing us back to eight.   Your Elected Directors are supplemented by Independent Directors and an Appointed Director, to make up a Board of twelve. The quorum provisions of the Board mean that no decision can be taken by the Board unless at least four Elected Directors take part in the decision making process.
In this election we seek Directors with contributions to make in particular in strategy and commerce.
The election announcement, instructions for Nomination, Administrative Procedures  and Nomination Form can be found here: http://www.britishfencing.com/governance/board_elections_2014/
If you have any queries, do mail or call me.
Yours sincerely
David Teasdale
Chair, British Fencing
[email protected]
07803 680715

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