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Board Reviews People Plan

As part of the UK Governance Code for Sport, the BF Board is required to review and report on its People Plan.

A draft People Plan was created in accordance with the guidance from Sport England published here: a-code-for-sports-governance-guidance-note-requirement-3-4-people-plans.pdf (sportsgovernanceacademy.org.uk).

This was reviewed by the Board in March 2024

In reviewing the draft People Plan the Board noted that:

  1. The document had been created following the published guidance referencing and including existing content from across the organisation.
  2. Detailed people development activities (eg referee, coach, welfare officer, athlete development, staff) are already embedded in the operational plans being delivered across the organisation. There are also separate strategic documents in place (eg Performance Coach Development Strategies) for certain areas of work, most notably those in funded areas. Education and training opportunities plus development pathways and frameworks are published on the BF website and outcomes reported to members, for example in the BF Annual Report.
  3. Further delivery of people development is often limited by the resources and constraints of funding available (Details of funding can be found here: ABOUT BRITISH FENCING).



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