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British Fencing and The National Academy have some fantastic news to share with you!

British Fencing is committed to providing fencers with opportunities to improve performance and develop as an individual in a cost effective way. We have teamed up with SkillsActive to offer you the chance of being part of and achieving the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE).

Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE)

All 15-16 year olds, in the final year of secondary education, that are ranked in the top 40 (for their age) in their discipline, are eligible for the National Academy Fencing AASE programme.

What is AASE?

It is a Level 3 qualification* designed for Fencers ‘who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence and are seeking to perform at the highest level as their main career goal’. Delivered through the National Academy the programme will cover all areas of your development as a Fencer including technical, tactical, psychology, nutrition as well as strength and conditioning.

Multiple elements of the National Academy will now be funded for participants who are on the AASE program. AASE is notionally a 2 year programme aimed at 16-18 year olds who can be studying other academic qualifications at a school or college of further education.

What do I need to do to register my interest?

The first cohort of the fencing AASE programme will begin in September 2011 and run as a 2 year programme, finishing in August 2013.

If you wish your fencer to be involved with this innovative and exciting sporting excellence programme which will help them to develop as a fencer as well as gain a nationally recognised qualification we currently have two routes to access the qualification: 

  1. The National Academy

The National Academy programme offers fencers the ability to stay at their current school and still be part of the AASE programme.  We will deliver the program through National days at: Nottingham Trent; Loughborough; Brunel and also through our Regional centres and your school or college.  The majority of the National Academy AASE programme will be delivered through these 20 contact days and as such many elements, such as foreign trips and camps, will now be subsidised through their involvement in the National Academy AASE programme.

  1. Filton College

Alternatively Filton College offers a full time programme of training combined with other academic qualifications; this option is only available in Bristol at Filton College. If this is your preferred option please contact the email below stating your interest in Filton.

Please ask your fencer to contact us at [email protected] to register their interest by Friday 5th August 2011 and quote whether you are interested in Option 1 or 2 or both.  There will be open days held at the National Academy in June, July and August for you to find out more and by registering your interest we will provide you with further information

If you wish to find out more information about AASE go to


If you feel that National Academy AASE programme is something your fencers may be interested in do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

AASE Fencing Information Session June 11

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