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Sponsorship Consultancy Appointed in search of new partners 

British Fencing have appointed brandmeetsbrand to assist in securing corporate partners for the Olympic sport for 2016 onwards.

Specialist insurer, Beazley, have supported British Fencing as their Premier Partner since 2010, building a meaningful brand association through joint events, such as the Beazley International Trophy at London’s Mansion House, demonstrations at various locations including Waterloo station, and a variety of media and communications projects.  You can see the sponsorship summary video here: http://bit.ly/1ius4J1

Andrew Horton, CEO of Beazley, said of the sponsorship; “Beazley entered into a five year partnership with British Fencing in January 2011.  It has been an unqualified success for us, affording extensive opportunities to promote Beazley as a provider of “cutting edge” specialist insurance, as well as offering unique hospitality opportunities.  We have hosted fencing events in the underwriting Room at Lloyd’s and a range of iconic venues in the City of London, as well as in Paris.  Fencing requires discipline, agility and precision, and we felt there was a good fit with the qualities we look for in our underwriters.” 

CEO of British Fencing, Georgina Usher said; “Our partnership with Beazley has delivered significant mutual benefit. The partnership has played an important role in growing and nurturing our talent – from the Rio Olympic Squad, training in our new world class centre, to young kids fencing in traditional clubs across the country. It has also created a strong platform to begin innovative expansion into new recreational environments, where the ‘gaming’ and ‘creative’ aspects of the sport are appealing to a new generation. The experience with Beazley has left British Fencing in a great position to offer a new partner a set of unique and highly flexible assets which can be tailored to their brand requirements.  The search for a new partner to join us in 2016 on our ‘RoadtoRio’ now starts in earnest.”

Speaking on behalf of brandmeetsbrand, Karen Morris, Director; said “We’re thrilled to have been appointed by British Fencing.  We’re looking forward to creating opportunities for a sponsor to make their mark.”

Beazley’s sponsorship will come to an end in December, 2015; brandmeetsbrand have been appointed to build new commercial relationships which will continue to develop British Fencing as a body and brand.

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