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British Fencing Delivers Taster Sessions at Cutlers’ Hall

Jack Boteler leads a team of young volunteers

British Fencing was asked to provide some exhibition matches at Cutlers’ Hall some months ago and last weekend delivered regular displays to the general public.  This was the first time that The Worshipful Company of Cutlers had made such a request and George Bailey, Max Wollard, Niall Dowse, Jonathan Webb, Tom Bennett and Paul Sanchez-Lethem worked hard throughout the day under the guidance of British Fencing’s Jack Boteler.  Special thanks also go to Steve Hyman who was our armourer for the day.

The impressive setting lent itself to a display of modern fencing as it boasts a proud armoury of weaponry dating back many hundreds of year, including swords from previous Royal families.  The event was so successful that Boteler and his team of volunteers were even able to provide taster sessions to some of the five hundred or so visitors.

Clerk of the Worship Company of Cutlers, John Allen speaking about the event said; “The partnership that has been established between the Cutlers’ Company and British Fencing was much in evidence on Saturday 23 June when the Company opened Cutlers’ Hall to the general public, as part of the ‘Celebrate the City’ festivities.   In excess of 500 visitors toured the Hall during the course of the day, and were treated to fencing displays illustrating all three disciplines of the sport.  Jack Boteler, who commentated throughout, explained not only the differences between the three disciplines, in terms of the equipment, target areas and rules of engagement, but also about some of the tactics employed and the methods of scoring.  Sustained by a ready supply of bananas and bottled water, the fencers worked extremely hard to help raise the profile of the sport and attracted a considerable amount of attention from the media in the process.  The feedback we received from our visitors was hugely complimentary, and we are most grateful to everyone involved for helping to make the day such a success.”

Boteler added; “It was a massive privilege to present our sport in this very impressive location.  Our team worked hard but were very well looked after and I look forward to working with this fantastic organisation again.  My thanks to all those involved.”

The Worship Company of Cutlers has kindly offered use of their venue for our post-Games celebrations which we are very much looking forward to.

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