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British Fencing is partnering with Lolly Rewards to rollout an app based system which will allow BF to reward members when they participate in fencing.

If you join the reward scheme and start collecting points you will be helping your club and British Fencing by sharing information about how often and where you are fencing, which is vital to growing the sport of Fencing. It’s quick and it’s easy.


Many of you will know that for years we have been looking for a simple way of accurately measuring participation in fencing across our entire community, i.e. beginners, recreational and social participants as well as competitive fencers.

Gaining a better understanding of participation in our sport is essential to secure both public and private sector funding and sponsorship. We all know that fencing is a vibrant sport, with  a loyal, active, community and that it appeals to a wide range of people. But we need the data to support this in order to attract this funding to support the sport and develop our plans for the future.

We already know that many more people fence than are members of British Fencing. But how many more?

Even within our own membership, we need to know how often people fence, volunteer, compete and generally support our sport.

Over the years, we have found simple systems, such as spreadsheets and registers, do not enable us to record this information efficiently and accurately, and clubs tell us that it can be tough to keep paper registers and spreadsheets up to date.

A chance meeting with a parent of a young fencer led us to a potential solution which already exists and which we believe will suit our purpose – as long as we can get people to use it.

This parent had recently launched a technology start-up called Lolly Rewards.

Lolly Rewards Limited has created a simple to use, flexible and robust online platform that is designed to help retailers create and manage efficient loyalty points schemes. It allows consumers to collect reward points through an app on their phones. Whilst the company is primarily aimed at the retail market, Lolly Rewards Limited is keen to help us see whether their model can be adapted for use in fencing – thus helping us solve some of our participation recording challenges.

We believe that we can, but we need everyone to help.

As a starting point, we are now piloting the initiative at three London based clubs in order to test that Lolly Rewards will deliver our goals, and in order to iron out any teething issues before a national roll-out to every club.

If you would like to take part and your club is based in the South East, then please get in touch with [email protected].

More info about the company can be found at http://lollyrewards.com.


How do Lolly Rewards and British Fencing work together?

Lolly Rewards operates the British Fencing Rewards Points scheme on behalf of British Fencing. To join the scheme, you need to agree to the British Fencing Rewards Scheme Terms and Conditions so Lolly Rewards Limited can create a secure points collector account for you to use. A full set of T&C’s can be found at http://www.lollyrewards.com/britishfencing/#/terms.

You may use other services provided by Lolly Rewards but that is your choice at all times  and is subject to agreeing to additional terms and conditions; these will always be clearly indicated.  

Personal Data

The scheme currently requires your name, email address and a password of your choice. You need an email address to confirm your login, a password (because the plan is for these reward points to actually be worth something). There are more details on creating accounts and security can be found at http://help.lollyrewards.com/accounts-login/.

Lolly Rewards will only use your name and email address to make sure your collectors account is securely accessed and communicate activity on your account such as points awarded or your point balances. 

British Fencing will only use your name and email address to contact you about the British Fencing Reward Points Scheme. This may include confirming your participation at an event/club meeting. British Fencing will continue to use the British Fencing database for British Fencing communications to members (so if you change your email address you will need to update both systems).

We may at some point require additional information such as gender and date of birth. This will be for summary statistical reporting only, so that we can identify, for example, how many people between certain age groups participate once a week.

The privacy statement for the scheme is here: http://www.lollyrewards.com/britishfencing/#/privacy


The Lolly Rewards British Fencing app has been created for the British Fencing Rewards scheme. Clubs will also have access to a customised system where they will be able to access participation reports for their club sessions.

Your Rewards

During the pilot phase there may be some rewards offered to individual clubs and participants who hit certain targets – but the individual points won’t be ‘worth’ anything until the pilot is successful and the scheme is officially launched to all clubs.

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