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Fencing showcase aims to wow Waterloo commuters

Network Rail will host a British Fencing pop-up event at Waterloo Station next week which is aimed at increasing fencing participation whilst providing an eye-catching spectacle for some of London’s commuters.

On Wednesday 14th May 2014, fencing clubs from London and Surrey will provide live demonstrations and “have-a-go” sessions on the concourse at Waterloo Station.  The event will take place between 12:00hrs and 19:00hrs and passers-by will be encouraged to take part.  Vouchers will be handed out on the day offering a follow up free taster session to anyone interested in taking up the sport.  A fencing reaction wall challenge will also run throughout the day with exciting prizes to be won.

Chair of British Fencing, David Teasdale said; “We are extremely grateful to Network Rail for providing us with this fantastic opportunity to showcase our sport to such a large audience and we look forward to providing a special highlight to those traveling through Waterloo that day.  Our aim is to show all passers-by that fencing is a sport for everyone and to encourage them to get down to their local clubs.”

“A great deal of effort has gone into making this possible and British Fencing would like to thank our Premier Partner, Beazley, Network Rail, Leon Paul, the clubs, the volunteers and the staff involved in making this possible.”

William Pitt, Head of Marketing at Beazley, British Fencing’s principal sponsor, said; “Fencing has been likened to high speed chess. It is a unique combination of the physical and the cerebral, and is fascinating to watch and even more fun to do. We are hoping that the thrill and drama of fencing will enliven the day of Waterloo commuters and that many people will take the opportunity to sign up for free lessons at their local clubs.”

If you can’t wait until 14th May to start fencing, email us on [email protected] for information on availability of free sessions in your area.

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