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Hungary take two European team titles

The Cadet European Championships concluded in Budapest with two days of team events.

Men’s Epee Team

Great Britain were one of 23 teams to compete in this event and drew France in the round of 32.  The French came out on top 45-36 meaning that GB finished 20th.  Hungary took the gold medal by beating Italy 45-26 in the final.  Russia beat Spain 45-34 to take the bronze medal.

Men’s Foil Team

A field of 15 teams included one from Britain who drew Ukraine in the round of 16.  A tight match followed but GB were knocked out 45-41.  In the placings matches GB had a bye first which was followed by a 45-24 victory over Sweden and a 45-44 defeat at the hands of the team from Turkey.  This meant a finishing place of 10th.  France overcame Germany 45-34 to take the gold medal with Russia beating Hungary 45-43 for bronze.

Women’s Sabre Team

Only 10 teams took part in this event including one from Great Britain.  Drawn against Turkey in the round of 16, GB were edged out 45-43 and subsequently finished 9th.  Russia defeated Italy 45-34 to take the gold medal whilst France beat Germany 45-40 to take the bronze.

Women’s Epee Team

Nineteen teams including one from Great Britain took part in this event.  GB had a bye through the round of 32 and then beat Denmark 45-37 in the round of 16.  France beat Great Britain 45-36 in the round of 8.  In the placings matches GB lost 45-38 to Israel and then beat Poland 45-37 to finish 7th.  Italy beat Russia 41-40 to take the gold medal and France took the bronze medal by beating Germany 45-38.

Women’s Foil Team

Fourteen teams contested this event but that did not include a team from Great Britain.  The event was won by Hungary who beat Poland 45-42 in the gold medal match.  Italy beat Romania 45-42 to take the bronze medal.

Men’s Sabre Team

Great Britain joined a field of 13 teams in this event and beat Belgium 45-19 in the round of 16.  Ukraine were too strong for them in the round 8 where they lost 45-30.  Losses to Hungary (45-38) and Russia 45-29 saw them finish 8th.  Ukraine went on to win the European title by beating Italy 45-41.  France overcame Germany 45-44 to take the bronze medal.

All results can be found here.

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