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Top sixteen for Benjamin Andrews

The Cadet World Championships took place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1-4 April with British fencers competing on every single day.

1 April – Day 1

Cadet Men’s Sabre – Individual

Three British fencers took to the piste at the start of the tournament amongst a field of ninety-seven.  Noah Matricciani came away with the best result by finishing in the top 32 losing 15-11 to Presnov (RUS) in the elimination stages.  Joe Pocknell also made the direct elimination but fell 15-11 to Kaiser (HUN) in the 64.  Drew Thornley was eliminated at the poule stages.

Ibrahim Acar (TUR) took the first title beating Christopher Walker (USA) in the final as the bronze medals went to Nikita Prsenov (RUS) and Lim Jaeyoon (KOR).

Full results here.

Cadet Women’s Epee – Individual

There were three British entries in this event and they lined up in a field of one hundred and four.  Alexandra Powell and Avery Louis made the top 32 losing 15-12 to Murtazeava (RUS) and 15-12 to Zelentsova (UKR), respectively.  Laura Sheffield fell to teammate Powell 12-11 in the round of 64.

Aizanat Murtazeava (RUS) went on to win the event by beating Tamara Gnam (HUN) in the final.  Anna Coufalova (CZE) and Renata Petri (HUN) picked up the bronze medals.

Full results here.

2 April – Day 2

Cadet Women’s Sabre – Individual

The field of eighty-five fencers in this event included four from Great Britain.  Maia Fashokun achieved the best result by finishing in the top 64, losing 15-7 to Funke (GER) at that stage. Sophia Potter was eliminated after the poules.

Liza Pusztai (HUN) sealed the world title by beating Alina Klyuchnikova (RUS) in the final whilst Natalia Botello (MEX) and Elizabeth Tartakovsky (USA) shared the bronze medals.

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Foil – Individual

A field of one hundred and nineteen included three from Great Britain and it was Brij Gautam who fared the best.  He made the round of 32, losing 15-6 to Hamza (EGY).  Isaac Jolley was eliminated 15-7 by Borowiak (GER) in the 64 and Edmund Howlett fell 15-13 to Lehner (AUT) in the 128.

Kirill Borodochev (RUS) won the title by beating teammate Vladislav Mylnikov in the final.  A third Russian, Ivan Troshin shared the bronze medal position with Alessio Di Tommaso (ITA).

Full results here.

3 April – Day 3

Cadet Women’s Foil – Individual

Another three British fencers were involved in this event in a field of ninety-one.  Isabella Gill achieved the best result by finishing in the top 32 where she lost 15-5 to Berthier (SIN).  Gill had beaten Campbell in the previous round 15-4.  Amy Home just missed the cut after the poules.

Russia’s Adelina Bikbulatova won the title beating Nora Hajas (HUN) in the final.  Amita Berthier shared the bronze medal position with Natalie Minarik (USA).

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee – Individual

Three British fencers lined up in a field of one hundred and thirty-two for the final individual event of the Cadet Championships.  Ben Andrews got the best result in the competition and in fact the whole event by making the top 16.  He knocked out teammate Joshua Willcox 15-13 in the round of 128, beat Perez (PHI) 15-11 in the 64 and then Fischer (GER) 15-10 before losing 15-10 to eventual silver medalist Griffiths (USA).  Dominic Paul also made the direct elimination but lost 15-11 to Bigea (ROU) in the 128.

Davide Di Veroli (ITA) took the championship beating Ryan Griffiths (USA) in the final whilst Jonathon Piskovatskov (USA) and Rafael Zagitov (RUS) shared the bronze medals.

Full results here.

4 April – Day 4

Cadet Mixed Team

The mixed team event was the feature of the last day of the cadet Championships.  The format decided meant that the sabre bouts took place first followed by foil and then epee with the women always competing first.  Great Britain lined up with Andrews, Fashokun, Gautam, Gill, Louis, Mattriciani and Willcox in a field of twenty-one.  A bye through the incomplete round of 32 was followed by a 30-21 defeat to Canada.  In the placings matches Great Britain beat Chile 30-27, lost 30-17 to Poland and then 30-12 to Germany to finish twelfth.

Russia won the tournament beating Canada in the final as Korea took out Romania for the bronze medal.

Full results here.

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