16/01/2018- Latest News

Some of these two models of 800 N breeches from Carmimari feature a 7.5cm wide waistband made of elastic fabric. This waistband does not comply with the FIE Rules (m.25.3.c) which require that “clothing must be made entirely of cloth able to resist a pressure of 800 Newton” – its resistance to penetration is not known.

In March 2017 the FIE banned the use of these elasticated-waistband breeches unless worn with a 12 cm high protective belt (provided by Carmimari).

Any fencer using such Carmimari breeches should therefore wear them with an 800N protective belt obtained from Carmimari.

Subsequently Carmimari have manufactured all these breeches with waist bands in 800N-resistant fabric; these are FIE-approved as are any earlier versions with 800N fabric non-elastic waistbands.

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