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Catch Up On The Latest Club Community Discussion Events

BF brought clubs together as our Community Discussion Event series continues. A big thank you to all those who attended, it was great to have you all together again. We covered a range of topics, please scroll down to see our summary.

Muslim Girls’ Fence 

Muslim Girls’ Fence is a collaboration between British Fencing and Maslaha. The project, based in community hubs and schools, provides safe spaces for young girls from all faiths and backgrounds to express themselves in creative ways. The projects aims to enrich the lives of young people as they have an area to raise concerns or questions and be themselves. They also have the opportunity to Fence, and be taught by, qualified, trained and skilled fencing coaches. We have created the highlights of this amazing work through, ‘Nobody’s Metaphor’, a film that showcases our impact in a nutshell. The work the project is doing in the community front is also impressive, without this project many areas would not have had the chance to try Fencing.

Due to demand, we are in need of compatible female coaches that can help us in our next phase of development. We have been fortunate in having on our team a group of incredible coaches who have been assets on the project by their nature, for example we have Binni in Birmingham who has such an amazing personality she been able to partner up with her local leisure centre who have invested in the project and in turn, do not charge for venue hire.  We also have Nalette in Bradford who has grown the project to such a stage that she runs multiple sessions throughout the week.

If you know someone who could be suited to helping take this project further into more areas and expand its reach then please get in touch with Reha – [email protected].


Risk Assessments

With the start of a new season and clubs returning to fencing after the summer, its a good time of the year to review your club’s risk assessment. Especially if members are returning after a long break or a club is using a new venue. It is important that safe habits are adopted by everyone so please take the time to remind your members of the fundamentals with your risk assessments and make it everyone’s responsibility to keep fencing safe.

If you need any help with your risk assessment please don’t hesitate to get in touch or have a look at BF’s video guide here.


GB League

BF’s GB League will be starting a new season on October 1st. We have seen a lot of clubs already taking on fixtures to welcome their members back to clubs so make sure you get signed up and start earning points today.

One club says;

“It was really great to see such enthusiasm, especially from the new épéeists who have only recently finished our beginners course. It was our first night back after the summer break and it is usually a rather quiet evening but all the pistes were in action all night long with people ensuring they got to fence with everyone on the list if they could. Some were disappointed to not get in all the bouts they wanted so have told me they will plan their evening better this week!”

To find out more check out the GB League zone on our website or have a look at our new FAQ video here.

GB League Fixture Registration Form

GB League Query Form


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