29/01/2021- Events

Invitation to Competition Organisers to discuss Event Risk Mitigation Protocols

Event organisers are invited to join two community discussion events which will focus on identifying additional competition risk mitigation protocols for the safe restart of competitions.

As we plan for the restart of fencing competitions, we would like to hear event organisers ideas and practical contributions on how to run a competition under the guidance and restrictions likely to be in place once fencing resumes.

We also welcome experienced event volunteers who have views on how their event role and working environment can be adapted to minimise risk.

The discussion events will follow a similar format to the Community Discussion Events held previously.

To sign up for the first event which will be held on Feb 11th at 6pm please click here.

Following the first event BF will draft specific guidance which will be presented for further comment at the second event on March 11th at 6pm.

Register your interest for both events here. Invites will be sent ahead of the event time and those interested are invited to join both events if possible.

The full schedule for community discussion events can be found here.



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