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(Source: CSPNetwork)

The CSP Network and 2 CSPs have jointly commissioned Paul Roberts to support their customer centric improvement journey. Paul has written an article outlining why sports organisations should champion customer centric sport.

Executive summary

  • Focusing on the needs of the end customers is good for business. It will enable sports organisations to add more value to national and local partners, increase effectiveness and sustainability, and hence meet their key objectives.
  • The new Government Sports Strategy advocates a more ‘customer-centered’ and collaborative approach by all parts of the sector. “This strategy is first and foremost about meeting the needs of the customer, understanding what they need at different stages in their life”.  Sporting Future.
  • At the heart of customer-centric organisations is a strong conviction that success comes from consistently focusing on a defined group of customers. 

Customer centricity is a conviction not a strategy

The world, and hence customer expectations, is constantly evolving. Selling functional products and services is now rarely enough. Customers expect their entire experience to make them feel good. Despite this, the number of organisations that can consistently deliver great customer experiences are few and far between. Those that do have evolved beyond a customer service mindset to embrace customer centricity. Virgin and Air New Zealand create memorable experiences for passengers, while Amazon are making shopping an ever faster and simpler experience.

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