15/08/2012- Latest News

Dear clubs and coaches,


After an exciting couple of weeks, British Fencing is pleased to accept Seb Coe’s challenge to “Inspire a Generation”!


During the Games British Fencing ran some GO/FENCE come-and-try sessions at both the London Pleasure Gardens and inside the ExCeL Centre. As part of this project we collected almost 1500 feedback forms from people of all ages who took part, with contact details and asking them if they wanted to join a club, give it a go again or let us know why it wasn’t for them.


With Sport England, we are working to “map” this information against all of our clubs so that we can point them in your direction if you’re interested to make sure that they have a fantastic experience and stay in the sport.


We want to work with you to do this and so want to know from you if you have the capacity to accept new beginners or “returners” (i.e. those who used to fence and want to come back to the sport)?


Just reply to [email protected] and let us know YES you want to be involved.


It would also help us if you could give us some further information to help us make this effective:

  1. Is your club currently able to accept beginners?
  2. Is your club currently able to accept “returners”?
  3. When is your next beginner course?
  4. When is your next intermediate course?
  5. When are your club night(s)?
  6. What venues do you use?
  7. Do you have a minimum age?
  8. What do you charge?
  9. What is the best website for your club?
  10. What is the best contact for your club – phone and e-mail?
  11. What resources would you need to make this work/make this better? (eg. GO/FENCE kit?)
  12. Any other info you’d like us to have?


We will be focusing on a different club every week during the remainder of 2012 and promoting them on the home page – let us know if you want your club to be publicised in this way.


Finally, don’t forget our “SEE FENCING DIFFERENTLY” promotional pack for clubs, available FREE for a short period of time whilst stocks last! E-mail [email protected] for more details or click here.


We look forward to your help with inspiring the next generation of fencers.


The GO/FENCE team at British Fencing

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