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England top Senior’s Medal Table as Australia top Veteran’s Table

The Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2018 concluded today in Australia.  The competition including twenty-four separate events (12 Open & 12 Veteran) at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra over six days.  A brief report follows highlighting the medal winners for each event.

Day 1

Men’s Sabre

William Deary (ENG) topped the field of thirty-eight in this event, beating teammate Jonathan Webb in the final.  The bronze medal position was shared between a third English fencer, Zachary Hamilton and Karan Singh (IND).

Deary and Webb came through the poules with six victories from six fights, whilst Hamilton dropped one of his five first round fights and Singh got three victories from six fights.  All four had byes through the incomplete round of 64.  Deary went on to beat Crozier (NZL) 15-6, Campbell (AUS) 15-8 and Gisho Nidhi (IND) 15-10 to make the top four.  Webb defeated Leonhard (AUS) 15-4, Douglas (AUS) 15-14 and Aiyenuro (ENG) 15-7.  Hamilton’s progress saw him beat Shek (SCO) 15-6, Sahi (IND) 15-10 and Thapar (IND) 15-5 whilst Singh made the semi-finals with victories over Carter (SCO) 15-7, Potter (WAL) 15-10 and Pitura (CAN) 15-11.

Deary then overcame Singh 15-9 whilst Webb beat Hamilton 15-5.  Deary prevailed in the all-England final 15-7.

Women’s Foil

The field of twenty-seven in this event saw Chloe Dickson (SCO) crowned champion.  She beat Ayesha Fihosy (ENG) in the final as Violet Hull (AUS) and Katie Smith (SCO) shared third place.

Dickson won all of her first round matches along with Smith whilst Fihosy managed three wins from six fights and Hull two from four.  Dickson earned a bye through the incomplete round of 32 and went on to beat Barrett (SCO) 13-9 and Daniel (AUS) 15-4 to make the top four.  Smith followed her bye up with wins over Mullins (ENG) 15-12 and Marotta (AUS) 15-9 to confirm her place in the medal matches.  Fihosy made her way to the top four with victories over Hill (WAL 15-9, Beardmore (ENG) 15-9 and McDermott (ENG) 15-13 whilst Hull made it with wins over Morrison (SCO) 15-2, Clarke (AUS) 15-12 and Awati (IND) 15-6.

Dickson then beat teammate Smith 15-7 and Fihosy won 15-12 over Hull to make the final where Dickson edged it 14-9 on time.

Veterans Men’s Epee

A field of fifty-six started proceedings in the Veteran’s tournament which was won by Michael Buckley (CAN).  He beat David Cook (AUS) in the final as Kyle Foster (CAN) and Kyle Macdonald (NZL) shared the bronze medal position.

Buckley, Cook and Macdonald won all of their first round matches, earning byes through the incomplete round of 64.  Foster took three first round victories from five fights and went on to beat Carter (AUS) 10-2 to join the others in the round of 32.  Foster continued his progress to the semi-finals with victories over Van Den Berg (RSA) 10-7, Paxman (AUS) 10-5 and Ballard (CAN) 15-6.  Macdonald impressed with a 10-0 win over Bridge (AUS) and made the top four beating Pollard (ENG) 10-8 and Mittermair (AUS) 10-6.  Buckley continued his fine form from the first round to make the medal matches, beating Pesman (AUS) 10-2, Sakhrani (AUS) 10-6 and Ellison (ENG) 10-8.  Meanwhile, Cook eased through with wins over Downs (NZL) 9-8, Nonis (AUS) 10-9 and Nutt (AUS) 10-8.

The semi-finals were close and saw Buckley squeeze past Foster 10-8 and Cook edge Macdonald 8-7 but it was a confident victory by Buckley 10-3 over Cook that saw him to the title.

Day 2

Women’s Sabre

There were thirty entries in this event and it was Devi Bhavani (IND) who claimed the title.  She beat Emily Ruaux (ENG) in the final as Samantha Auty (AUS) and Catriona Thomson (SCO) claimed the bronze medals.

Bhavani came through the poule stage winning all her matches and earned a bye through the incomplete round of 32.  Ruaux won four from five matches in the first round, whilst Auty and Thomson claimed three victories from their five matches.  Ruaux then beat Cheng (NZL) 15-7, Davis (ENG) 15-12 and Anil (ENG) 15-11.  Auty took out Russell (WAL) 15-2, Jose (IND) 15-9 and Hampson (SCO) on route to the medal matches, whilst Thomson’s progress to the top four saw her beating Kaur (IND) 15-10, Pleasant (ENG) 15-13  and Thingujam (IND) 15-12.

Bhavani beat Thomson 15-5 in the semi-finals whilst Ruaux defeated Auty 15-11.  A closely fought gold medal match saw Bhavani prevail with a 15-12 victory.

Women’s Team Foil

There were five countries entered into this event and it was Scotland (Sarah Barrett, Chloe Dickson & Katie Smith) who claimed gold with victory over England.  Both teams had byes through the round of 8 along with Australia as New Zealand progressed with a 45-40 victory over South Africa.  England then comfortably beat New Zealand 45-17 as Scotland took out Australia 45-35.

Australia went on to beat New Zealand 45-15 in the bronze medal play-off whilst Scotland beat England 45-40 for gold.

Men’s Team Sabre

Eight countries took part in this event which saw India (Nidhi Gisho, Sagar Sahi, Manpreet Singh & Vishal Thapar) standing on top of the podium at the end of the day.  They beat England in the final.

India beat Guernsey 45-27 and Australia 45-32 to make the final, whilst England took out New Zealand 45-23 and Wales 45-28.  Australia edged a tight bronze medal match 45-40 over Wales as India claimed their first gold medal of the tournament with a 45-43 victory over England.

Veterans Men’s Foil

Nicholas Mort (SCO) was crowned the champion in this event in a field of thirty-three.  He beat teammate Michael McKay in the final as Paul Stanbridge, also from Scotland claimed bronze along with Andrey Tyshchenko (AUS).

All four received byes through the incomplete round of 64 after good performances in the first round – Mort (V5D1), McKay (V5D0), Stanbridge (V6D0) and Tyshchenko (V4D2).  Mort then beat Welsh (SCO) 10-3, Prince (AUS) 10-4 and Wedge (ENG) 10-6 on route to the semi-finals.  McKay took out Henshaw (NZL) 10-1, Best (AUS) 10.4 and Nutt (AUS) 10-5.  Stanbridge’s progress was comfortable defeating Treanor (BER) 10-1, Aloi (AUS) 10.5 and Abrahams (ENG) 10-2 as Tyshchecnko progressed with wins over Foley (NZL) 10-7, Milne (SCO) 10-3 and Reynolds (AUS) 10-8.

In the semi-finals, Mort beat Stanbridge 10-3 and McKay defeated Tyshchenko 10-8.  It was a close final between the two Scots but Mort took the match 10-9.

Veterans Men’s Team Epee

Four teams took part in this event which was won by Canada (Mark Ballard, Michael Buckley, Kyle Foster & Michael McDonnell).  They first beat Australia 45-34 as New Zealand took out England 45-38.  Australia beat England 45-43 in the bronze medal match as Canada claimed the title beating New Zealand 45-32.

Day 3

Women’s Epee

Leonora Mackinnon (CAN) took the title in this event from a field of thirty-nine.  She beat Katrina Smith-Taylor (ENG) in the final as their teammates Leslie-Ann Gervais (CAN) and Julie Henson (ENG) collected the bronze medals.

Mackinnon (V5D1), Smith-Taylor (V5D0), Gervais (V5D0) and Henson (V2D3) all did enough in the first round to earn byes through the incomplete round of 64.  Mackinnon progressed to the semi-finals with victories over Stewart (SCO) 15-11, Barrett (RSA) 15-13 and Singh (IND) 15-10.  Smith-Taylor beat Wigham (SCO) 15-5, Foniciello (SCO) 15-6 and Zhdanovich (AUS) 15-12 to make the top four.  Gervais beat Villacellino (SGP) 15-9, Nesbitt (ENG) 15-12 and Dutta (IND) 15-14 to confirm her medal whilst Henson made it to the top four by beating Lee (SGP) 15-12, Gundry (WAL) 15-11 and Laansoo (CAN) 15-8.

A close semi-final saw Mackinnon just beat Henson 15-14 whilst Smith-Taylor eased through with a 15-10 victory over Gervais.  Mackinnon dominated the final with Smith-Taylor winning 15-5.

Women’s Team Sabre

Six teams took part in this event which saw England (Shreya Anil, Alexandra Davis, Helen Fairhead, Bridget Pleasant & Emily Ruaux) claim gold.  England, along with India, had a bye through the quarterfinal stage as Scotland beat Wales 45-23 and Australia defeated Northern Ireland 45-31.  England narrowly beat Australia 45-44 in the semi-finals as Scotland edged India 45-41.

Australia beat India 45-42 in a tight bronze medal play-off as England beat Scotland 45-29 for the gold medal.

Veterans Women’s Foil

Abigail Nutt (AUS) topped a field of nineteen in this event.  She beat teammate Julia Lyaschenko in the final as another Australian, Annabelle Ballard shared bronze with Nicola Hull (ENG).

All four did enough in the first round to earn byes through the incomplete round of 32 – Nutt (V5D1), Lyaschenko (V3D2), Ballard (V4D1) and Hull (V5D1).  Nutt made the top four by beating Bondfield (AUS) 10-2 and Robinson (WAL) 10-2 whilst Lyaschenko took out Allardice (AUS) 10-2 and Bonney-Millett (AUS) by the same score.  Ballard’s progress to the medal matches saw her beat McNamara (ENG) 10-4 and Jordan (AUS) 10-5 and she was joined their by Hull who defeated C. Hon (AUS) 10-1 and Cooksey (ENG) 10-5.

Lyaschenko made light work of Ballard in the semi-finals, beating her 10-1 but Hull ran Nutt close, just losing out 10-9.  It was a close final too, which Nutt took 10-8 over Lyaschenko.

Veterans Men’s Team Foil

Just four countries entered this event and Scotland (Michael McKay, Kevin Milne, Nicholas Mort & Paul Stanbridge) fenced their way to the title.  Scotland beat New Zealand 45-13 for their shot at gold whilst England edged Australia 45-42 to claim their place in the final.

Australia dominated the bronze medal play-off against New Zealand, winning 45-21 but it was much closer in the final.  Scotland took a close encounter with England 45-43.

Day 4

Men’s Epee

Tommy Curran Jones (ENG) claimed the men’s epee Commonwealth title from a field of forty-one in Canberra.  He beat Calum Johnston (SCO) in the final as Kristian Radford (AUS) and Paul Sanchez Lethem picked up the bronze medals.

All four progressed through the poule stage with byes in the round of 64.  Curran Jones (V4D2), Johnston (V4D2), Radford (V5D1) and Sanchez Lethem (V5D1).  Curran Jones made the top four by beating Hoffmann (SCO) 15-4, Kumar (IND) 15-11 and Grover (ENG) 15-13.  He was joined there by Johnston as he defeated Burnside (NIR) 15-5, Maynard (ENG) 15-8 and Nongthombam (IND) 15-8.  Radford made the medal matches with victories over Buckley (CAN) 15-10, Ogilvie (NZL) 15-8 and Brook (AUS) 15-9, whilst Sanchez Lethem progressed with wins over Boyle (WAL) 15-10, Burgun (AUS) 15-13 and English (AUS) 15-12.

Curran Jones beat Radford 15-9 in the semi-finals whilst Johnston defeated Sanchez Lethem 15-12.  It was a tight gold medal match which Curran Jones edged 14-13 on time.

Women’s Team Epee

England won the title in this event beating Canada in the final amongst a field of eight.  In the quarterfinals, England defeated New Zealand 45-30 as Canada beat South Africa 45-35, Wales won 41-40 over India and Australia knocked out Scotland 45-34.

In the semi-finals England beat Wales 34-31 and Canada defeated Australia 45-34.  Wales recovered from their semi-final loss to beat Australia 41-40 in the bronze medal play-off.  Another tight team gold medal match saw England edge Canada 45-43 for the title.

Veterans Women’s Sabre

Wendy Yano (CAN) claimed the title in this event beating Min Yi Du (AUS) in the final as Jane Hutchison (ENG) and Emma Waller (WAL) shared the bronze medal position.

Yano (V4D1), Hutchison (V5D0) and Waller (V5D0) did enough in the first round to earn byes through the round of 32.  Du scored three first round victories from five fights and went on to beat Shepherd Foster (WAL) 10-1, Gulland (AUS) 10-2 and Yeung (AUS) 10-4 to make the top four.  Yano’s progress saw her beat Clancy (ENG) 10-6 and Esimaje-Heath (ENG) 10-9, whilst Hutchison defeated Nieuwenuis (RSA) 10-2 and Narey (SCO) 10-3 to make the medal matches.  Waller confirmed herself a medal with victories over Sopru (AUS) 10-0 and Frith (SCO) 10-1.

Du beat Waller 10-3 in the semi-finals whilst Yano squeezed past Hutchison 10-9.  Yano was not to be beaten in the final though as she took the title, 10-7 over Du.

Veterans Women’s Team Foil

Just two teams competed in this event as Australia (Jane Allardice, Annabelle Ballard, Jenny Bonney-Millett & Julia Lyaschenko) claimed gold by beating England 45-32.

Day 5

Men’s Foil

Ben Peggs (ENG) took the title in this event, beating Sholto Douglas (AUS) in the final, from a field of thirty-four.  Edward Fitzgerald (AUS) and Kamal Minott (ENG) were the bronze medallists.

Six victories from six first round matches for Douglas, Fitzgerald and Minott saw them earn byes though the incomplete round of 64.  Peggs won five from six poule matches, which was also enough for a bye.  He went on to beat Amyes (NZL) 15-3, Broughton (SCO) 15-8 and Head (ENG) 15-6 to make the top four.  Douglas defeated Ogg (NZL) 15-9, Aher (IND) 15-2 and Webber (AUS) 15-4 to make the semi-finals, whilst Fitzgerald (AUS) beat his namesake, from Guernsey 15-3, Risdale (WAL) 15-6 and Hay (CAN) 15-5 on route.  Minott progressed with victories over Dudiak (CAN) 15-8 Jones (SCO) 15-3 and Cook (SCO) 15-13.

Minott then fell 15-9 to Douglas at the semi-final stage as Peggs beat Fitzgerald 15-11.  It was a strong performance from Peggs in the final which he won 15-7 over Douglas.

Men’s Team Epee

England (Tommy Curran Jones, Will Grealey, Elliott Grover, Calum Maynard & Paul Sanchez Lethem) took gold in this event, beating Australia in the final.

Nine teams competed in this event but at the quarterfinal stage England beat Canada 45-27, Australia defeated South Africa 45-28, Scotland won 40-38 against Wales and India knocked out New Zealand 45-41.  Semi-final victories 36-34 for England over India and 45-42 for Australia against Scotland confirmed the line-up for the medal matches.

First Scotland beat India 40-39 for the bronze medal and then England defeated Australia 45-39 for the title.

Veterans Men’s Sabre

A field of thrity-one saw Davide Wheeler (AUS) emerge as the gold medallist as he beat teammate Radu Vintila in the final.  Attila Brungs (AUS) and Alexander Ellison (ENG) claimed the bronze medals.

Wheeler came through the poule stage with five victories from six fights and went on to beat Perry (AUS) 10-2, Clarke (NZL) 10-8 and Smith (AUS) 10-9 to make the top four.  Four victories from five first round matches for Vintila was followed by wins over Crowley (AUS) 10-7, Sudran (AUS) 10-3 and Johnson (AUS) 10-9 which booked him a place in the semi-finals.  Brungs came through the first round with three victories from six fights but his improved form saw him beat Treasure (AUS) 10-6, Ghosh (SCO) 10-8 and Jakubek (CAN) 10-5 to make the medal matches.  Ellison, meanwhile won all six of his poule fights, earning himself a bye through the round of 32, which he followed up with victories over Crawfurd (WAL) 10-8 and Prevett (ENG) 10-2.

Two one-sided semi-finals meant Wheeler beat Brungs 10-1 and Vintila defeat Ellison 10-3.  The final was closer but Wheeler took the gold with a 10-7 victory over Vintila.

Veterans Women’s Epee

Sarah Osvath (AUS) emerged from the field of forty-three with the gold medal.  She beat Nicola Hull (ENG) in the final as Lisa Huzel (CAN) shared the bronze medal position with teammate Karen Ann Laansoo.

All four did enough in the first round to earn byes through the incomplete round of 64 – Osvath (V5D0), Hull (V4D2), Huzel (V4D1) & Laansoo (V5D1).  Osvath went on to beat Cooksey (ENG) 10-4, Tait (SCO) 10-1 and Ferguson (AUS) 10-6 to make the semi-finals.  Hull beat Stewart (AUS) 10-9, Oniye (ENG) 10-7 and Brill (NZL) 10-3 to book her place in the medal matches.  Huzel qualified for the top four with wins over Sopru (AUS) 8-7, Oliver (ENG) by the same score and Yeung (AUS) 10-8 and was joined there by Laansoo who had victories over Signorile (RSA) 10-3, Schortmann (AUS) 10-1 and Pearce (AUS) 10-9.

In the semi-finals Osvath defeated Laansoo 10-7 and Hull beat Huzel 10-6.  Another England-Australia final saw Osvath taking it for the host nation, 10-6 over Hull,

Veterans Women’s Team Sabre

Just four teams in this event as Australia beat Wales 45-23 in the semi-finals and England defeated Scotland 45-24, confirming the line-up for the medal matches.  First Scotland had a 45-22 win over Wales to secure the bronze medal and then Australia (Min Yi Du, Elizabeth-Kate Gulland, Harriet Jordan & Melissa Yeung) edged England 45-44 for gold.

Day 6

Men’s Team Foil

Australia (Sholto Douglas, Edward Fitzgerald, Jesse Morris, Christopher Nagle & Lucas Webber) came through a field of seven teams to claim this title.

In the quarterfinals, Australia progressed with a 45-18 victory over New Zealand, as Scotland beat India 45-40, Canada defeated Wales by the same score and England benefited from a bye.  Australia went on to beat Scotland 45-23 as England beat Canada 45-30.

In the bronze medal play-off Scotland were too good for Canada, winning 45-32 as Australia took the gold with a 45-37 victory over England.

Veterans Women’s Team Epee

Four teams entered this event which saw Australia (Nadine Ferguson, Sarah Osvath, Caroaine Sopru & Melissa Yeung) strike gold.

In the semi-finals Australia just beat New Zealand 41-40 as England defeated Scotland 45-27.  New Zealand recovered well from their semi-final loss to beat Scotland 45-29 and thus claim the bronze medal.  Australia went on to claim the gold medal with a 42-37 victory over England.

Veterans Men’s Team Sabre

There were only three teams in this event so a poule unique was the method to settle the medallist.  Australia (Steve Johnson, Grant McKay, Cameron Smith & David Wheeler) came out on top with two victories, 45-41 over England and 45-20 against Canada.  England beat Canada 45-31 to take the bronze medal.

Full results available here.

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