07/09/2022- GBR Fencer


In recognition of the strength of the event, the ADP Team and Weapon Leads, along with the BF Ranking Manager exercised the right under the BF Ranking Scheme to adjust the calculation method for the tournament.

BF noted that several of the highest ranked fencers in the Commonwealths were absent from both the Home nations and the Commonwealth nations. Therefore, the original calculation method (The Senior Championship NIF multiplied by 1.1) that had been part of the scheme for several years would no longer be a suitable mechanism to use for this event, as it did not accurately reflect the comparable strength of the event to other international tournaments.

Using elements of the Ranking Scheme to calculate event strength (using the international points calculation used at FIE Senior events) had the opposite outcome: unfairly weakening the events and not appropriately recognising the athlete’s performances.

Therefore, it was agreed that the multiplier of 400 across all categories was the fairest outcome to recognise those performances as a more appropriate measure. (Comparable to a mid-level Satellite).

An example of this can be found here: Senior Points Table

The 2021-22 BF Ranking Scheme can be found here: Ranking Scheme

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