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Competition Gender Policy Review

Following changes to the IOC framework recommendations and Sport Council guidance, BF is currently engaged in a review of its existing Competition Gender Policy. 

Over the coming months, British Fencing (BF) will be consulting with members, community groups and experts as we go through the process of reviewing our Competition Gender Policy to ensure that it is reflective of the current research and guidelines in this area.

The current BF Competition Gender Policy is based on the previous International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommendations for Olympic sport and uses testosterone levels to determine eligibility. The IOC has since updated its framework, and the UK Sport Councils have also released guidance.

The University of Hertfordshire has undertaken and published a narrative review: “The Participation of Trans Women in Competitive Fencing and Implications on Fairness: A Physiological Perspective Narrative Review“.

British Fencing welcomes this narrative review which, along with guidance from the Sports Councils, will form an important part of the Policy review.

We believe that there is a place for everyone in our sport. We remain committed to creating inclusive competition and training environments, ensuring there is a place in our sport for everyone to participate. As a combat sport we are proud of the mixed age, gender and ability environments that so many of our clubs already offer. At the same time, we must also take into account the latest data and research to ensure fair competition.

More information will be available soon about the process and the opportunities to share your views.



Note: Whilst we appreciate that this topic can be emotive we will have zero tolerance for any harassment or abuse towards any member of the BF community, including staff and volunteers.

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