18/03/2021- GBR

Consultation: 2021 Senior Europeans Selection Policy

Following confirmation of dates and location of the Senior European Championships, BF opens consultation on draft selection policy.

The EFC has confirmed that the 2021 Senior European Championships will be held in Plovdiv (BUL) from 15 to 20.06.2021.

Following review by the Senior Athlete Panel, the Board, the ADP team and the selectors, the latest draft of the GBR 2021 Senior Europeans Selection Policy is being made available for wider consultation.

Comments are welcomed, particularly from those athletes seeking selection, by 25/3/2021 and should be submitted using this form: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d03acf44679c46b68435b32a1d1dacf3


Summary of Main Changes/Points

  1. We have not set a new qualification standard – it remains 2xL64 and 1xL32. The date range has been set to include the competitions which would have counted for the 2020 Senior Euros. We have slightly increased the window to include the 2019 World Championships as the 2019-20 season was curtailed.
  2. We have not included the 2021 March FIE competitions as not all athletes were/will be able to compete as a result of COVID-19.
  3. We now have one large 6W selection panel – membership, roles and process have been updated in reflection of best practice advice from the British Athletes Commission and UK Sport.
  4. As a result of COVID-19 it is important to note that the selection decision is separate from the decision to send a squad – this final decision will be taken by the Board of BF in light of government guidance and legislation in relation to travel.
  5. All discretionary decisions will involved assessment of athletes against the published BF Pathway and associated standards. Athletes will be required to submit their self-assessments using a BF template when they submit their request for selection. Selectors will need to understand the BF Pathway Model, the Stages and the Components (available on the BF website – ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY MODEL – BRITISH FENCING).  The ADP will run sessions with athletes and coaches to help them understand how to compete their assessments.
  6. Athletes must opt-in to be considered for selection (we don’t have the operational bandwidth to go through the iterative process of selecting people that don’t actually want to go!). This will be done by completing an online selection form which will be made available once the policy is approved. 


Next Steps

Recognising the work that will need to be done to get a team to the European Championships (and the unchanged qualification standard) this consultation will only be open until 25th March and the aim is to send a final version for BF Board approval at the end of next week.


As a reminder, all comments to be submitted here:


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