01/07/2021- Ranking


The consultation period for the draft BF Ranking scheme has been extended for a further five (5) days, until midnight of the 6th of July.

We received a considerable number of positive and constructive responses from across the fencing community, and whilst we may not be able to address each of them individually, we read them all with consideration.

Along with the feedback received, we also listened and gathered input from the community through our Community Discussion Events. We have adopted some of the suggested changes and have revised the proposed Ranking Scheme document. We have therefore extended the consultation period for a further five (5) calendar days upon publication of the revised document below.

Thank you very much for all the valued contributions to date.

The latest version of the Ranking Scheme can be found here: BF Ranking Scheme V0.8

The Key changes from version 0.6 are as follows:

      • To further encourage participation at ranking events, all athletes who attend a ranking competition, will now be entitled to appear on the ranking list. Points are awarded based on the ranking scheme.
      • The Cadet restart carry over has been changed to 30% from 35% for consistency across the age groups for restarting.
      • Cadet and Junior Points tables have now been changed to replicate the Senior points tables for further consistency, creating one points table across all age’s groups.
      • At Cadet and Junior competitions, each individual placing will now be recognised and have a unique points value awarded (e.g. 33rd place will no longer receive the same number of points as 64th, or 65th will no longer receive the same number of points as 128th, as examples).
      • Multipliers applied to Cadet and Junior events will be scaled upwards accordingly and will support the transitions between the age groups into Senior rankings. For example- a multiplier of one (1) will now become one hundred (100), a multiplier of ten (10) will now become one thousand (1000).
      • Maximum number of scoring events for transition bonuses has changed from less than 3 scoring results to less than 2.
      • All transition bonuses including the restart transition bonuses will be age limited – e.g. the athlete must be transitioning out of an age group to qualify.
      • For the restart only, the Cadet Transition Bonus of 5% will now be applied to eligible athletes that meet the criteria.
      • Restart carry over points in all age groups will be split into two equal parts. One part will be deemed an International Competition and one will be a Domestic Competition. For the Senior rankings, the domestic part will expire on the second NIF Assignment Date (1st December 2021) and the international part will expire on the third NIF Assignment Date (1st March 2022). For the Cadet and Junior rankings, the expiry dates will be announced once the calendar is confirmed.

We will not be holding further Community events for this consultation but there is still opportunity to provide comment or feedback. To do so, please use the following form:


The changes above supersede the original information previously published.

Following this work, BF will still be looking at U14 & Intermediate Ranking Schemes which will also be published for community consultation at a later date.

Please note that this news post is only intended as a summary guide to the proposed changes and is not intended for use as a policy statement. The text of the ranking scheme document is the text being put forward for consultation and all comments and queries should relate to the contents of the document.

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